Innovative ways of Self-Education


Education has evolved these days, as there are lots of interesting ways to educate yourself. Asides from the fact that there are self-learners such as educational websites, free essays websites, essay corrector websites, and the likes, you can help yourself get better right from the comfort of your home.

This piece aims to reveal innovative ways to educate yourself and be at par with college students who go through the stress of having to go back and forth to classes on a regular basis just to get a degree.

Below are expedient innovative ways to educate yourself:

1.    Books

Being self-educated through books, are one of the most proficient ways for self-learners. It would interest self-learners to know that when an individual at home reads the same books which a student will typically read at college. The individual at home stands an equal chance of getting great grades as a college student.

These days, it has got better because books are now available digitally, hence, there are a plethora of books on the internet which cannot be exhausted in a lifetime. There are books on free essays, essay corrector, and the likes which come in handy for self-learners.

One of the quickest and effortless ways to educate yourself is to read books on the internet.

When you search the internet, you will discover that there are lots of websites that have books for self-education. A good number of these books have been carefully sorted out, and some of them are even more advanced than what the college student would normally use.

2.    Videos

Another innovative aspect of self-education, is watching videos online. Nowadays, it would be more profitable for students to watch educational videos on the internet, instead of wasting ample time on various social media platforms. A good number of these videos are in lecture formats, where seasoned professionals in various educational fields will handle different topics and ensure it is disintegrated into the simplest of units so that just anyone would understand.

Online educational videos seem to be better than the classroom because you can always watch these videos numerous times. However, for the classroom, you cannot replay a class session. Hence, it might be very difficult for you to get a salient point from the lecturer.

In addition, the educational experts who teach in these videos take their time in explaining, and they use proper illustrations.

It would even interest self-learners to know that, some of them are lecturers in various colleges. For instance, if you want to learn how to write an essay, there are lots of videos containing essay samples which you can watch for proper understanding.

3.    Online Courses

When it comes to one of the most profound ways of self-education, online courses have to stay, as they have perfectly bridged the gap between the student at home and in school. Basically, online courses are simply courses that you get on the internet.

Some of them are paid for while, the others are free, depending on the platform and the course you want to take. For instance, self-learners can get free essay samples on educational websites, if you pick an online course on how to write an essay.

You will be surprised at the wealth of knowledge that is embedded in most of these courses that these platforms or sites have, including their essay samples.

In addition, with these educational websites, it becomes very easy to master courses in a very short period of time, and some of these courses are taken from the curriculum of top colleges and universities in the world.

Hence, you can stay at home, and read the course you want without having to go through the classroom stress.

4.    Podcasts

The number of podcasts on the internet increases on a daily basis, and the same can be said for educational podcasts. Getting the podcast which has the right educational content might be difficult to find, but you need to take time to search them out.

Typically, educational podcasts on the internet come with great information and content which are not normally accessible to the classroom college student.

One of the reasons why podcasts are great is its audio that makes it easily absorbable. Another reason is that, irrespective of your location, you can plug in your earphones and listen to an educational podcast. It always comes in handy when you are bored, and you have no idea what to do.

Podcasts come with loads of information for people who want to educate themselves without going to college, or for those who are part-time learners.


We all educate ourselves in diverse ways due to the fact that the world is changing, and there are diverse mediums for doing this, which is accessible to us on a regular basis. The internet is a great platform which has helped many persons become self-educated without needing to sweat it out at the classroom.

Moreso, self-education is amazing because it is done at one’s pace. Hence, you can take ample time to study a course till you get a good grasp on it. In addition, those who have a phobia for examinations and tests will find these mediums of self-education handy because they will not be pressurized to read and score expected grades.

Some online educational platforms, however, organize exams for their online students, and when results for examination are released, it is privately sent to the student.