A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Releases Visual For Latest Single “Mood Swings”

Today, multi-platinum hip-hop artist and entrepreneur A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie debuts his eclectic visual for the just released single “Mood Swings” off his forthcoming album Artist 2.0. He also announces that he’s donating $50,000 to UNICEF USA to aide in their Hurricane Dorian efforts on the ground in the Bahamas.

In the video, we see A Boogie coming into his own and recognizing his strength, while not allowing women to distract him on his journey. The opening frame has him sitting down in front of a building with graffiti showcasing his signature hoodie look and recreation of the Hoodie SZN album cover, with neon beams in his eyes before a thunderstorm erupts. He then enters a door that changes him into a camouflage outfit surrounded by his crew with army tanks and guns as he raps, “you don’t want no problems”. This version of A Boogie walks up to an alter-ego of himself dressed in black, who is shown being played on a piano like a puppet with strings attached, by a woman that’s attracted his attention in recreation of his previous Artist mixtape cover. The tough camo-dressed version of A Boogie sees his alter-ego is mesmerized by her, so he cuts off the puppet strings that she’s controlling. Right after, another side of A Boogie is snapped by the paparazzi while he goes about his rockstar lifestyle. In the final clip, he confidently enjoys the latest version of who he is, surrounded by his boys and girls since he’s got himself.