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Danny Brown’s BEST LIFE

Danny Brown has a new song out today – “Best Life”, produced by Q-Tip and from his forthcoming album uknowhatimsayin¿, out 10/4 on WARP. “Dirty Laundry”, the previously released, critically heralded single, teased this new era of Danny Brown and here we find him reflecting on the past as he currently lives his “Best Life”. The track might sound familiar to his loyal fans as he’s been performing the track at his live shows over the summer.

Haich Ber Na releases avant-garde electronic cut ‘Forgetful’

The self-taught musician has journeyed far from his origins in hip-hop and grime, now working alongside fellow alternative artists, MTMBO, Alxndr London and Elheist, Haich Ber Na has spiked interest in underground and mainstream music circles.

Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) shares video for ‘Satellite’, ‘Um Dada’ LP out Oct. 11 on Dais Records

Stephen Mallinder, co-founder and frontman of the iconic Cabaret Voltaire, is sharing the video for ‘Satellite’ off of his upcoming album Um Dada, his first solo effort in 35 years.

It was directed & created by Joe Shearsby, who had this to say of the work:

“I used our old family 50’s Grundig for the tape parts (inspired by the inner sleeve of the album). By keeping the visuals very tightly in sync with the music i wanted to convey a sort of conversation between the character and the machines and the textures, orbiting around each other playfully, initiating different imagery as the song develops.”

Monograms Share “Pirate Government, Inc” Single On AdHoc, New LP ‘Living Wire’ Out Friday Via PaperCup Music

Brooklyn-based, experimental indie rock band Monograms share “Pirate Government, Inc”, the 3rd and final single off the forthcoming LP, Living Wire. AdHoc premiered the track, and shared a technology-themed playlist curated by Ian Jacobs. The piece includes an in-depth conversation with Jacobs about how technology has influenced art and his music, along with more about his upcoming release. AdHoc praises, “Monograms, the Brooklyn-based “nuke wave” group fronted by multi-instrumentalist Ian Jacobs, look to the pop of the past to make sense of our social media–saturated present.


Of the track and its accompanying visuals, the band say: “‘Loaded’ is a song about a Faustian bargain, inspired by real events of which we were very much a part. Satan found our souls to be faulty and has been fully refunded. ‘Loaded’ is a story of self-deprecation, self-aggrandisement, and self-commodification. It is a self-help book to recovering from all of the above. ‘Loaded’ is a song about material wealth and spiritual poverty; the depths of which we have ploughed and plundered til penniless in both pound and principle. We have scraped the barrel of our hollow, piggy bank soul husks to bring it into this world. We did it for you, but mainly for us”

Hear Garcia Peoples’ new single, “Heart & Soul”

Welcome to the sound of Garcia Peoples at full speed. Without losing a ray of sunshine or a drop of dew, One Step Behind is the first major statement by the malleable Brooklyn sextet. The 32-minute title cut highlights the twin guitars and songwriting of Tom Malach and Danny Arakaki and, instead of pointing itself towards one possible future for the band, just zaps itself square into the thick of it. Encompassing a range of moods and scenes in one flowing arc (plus a coda), it’s less a piece of music to listen to than it is a zone to occupy, a portal for all open-eared heads.

BLUT AUS NORD: Metal Hammer Premieres “Nomos Nebuleam”

Mysterious, visionary French black metal entity BLUT AUS NORD is preparing for the October release of the outfit’s thirteenth proper full-length album, Hallucinogen, undoubtedly one of the most anxiously awaited extreme metal albums of the year. As it nears its release through Debemur Morti Productions, the opening track and lead single from the album, “Nomos Nebuleam,” has been premiered through Metal Hammer Magazine.

Hear Red River Dialect’s newest single off their upcoming album

Ahead of the release, hear the album’s third and final single “Red River”, which narrates the history of the language—a creole of Cree, Scots, Gaelic, and Ojibwa spoken in Manitoba—from which the band take their name, and the colonial dynamic replicated in the process.

Super Marine release debut single ‘Decadent Flowers’

Super Marine release their debut single ‘Decadent Flowers’ on the 4th of October 2019. A supercharged power pop-rock anthem, laced with glistening riffs, singalong refrains, energetic percussion and arms aloft choruses that recall to mind the anthemic work of the Foo Fighters, the melodic hooks of Jimmy Eat World and Ash and the rhythmic urgency of The Gaslight Anthem.


In a four-star review, Rolling Stone hailed Jaime as “strikingly bold” and noted, “Brittany Howard is a Southern rock & roll radical with a centuries-deep sense of history and some inspiring ideas about how to reshape it to fit our moment.” MOJO and Q also awarded the album four stars. The New York Times observed, “The songs are funky, experimental, rowdy and exposed: the work of a songwriter going deep to explore spirituality, sexuality, traumas of the past and ideas about the present, by way of danceable propulsion and sonic escapades.”