Houston based R&B singer/songwriter Peyton has just released her new EP Reach Out via Stones Throw Records. Reach Out is a callback to R&B icons of the past, however Peyton makes it clear that she is the voice of today’s scene. Alongside the EP release, Peyton dropped a new video for her recent track “laylo/crazy4U”. On the track, Peyton lets her voice shine bright on a simple but silky beat, describing the pains of playing it cool in a new relationship. The song’s new video, in a velvet-and-gold draped daydream, offers the perfect compliment. Peyton will be performing songs from the Reach Out EP live at the Satellite Bar in Houston tonight, Friday Sept 13th, in support of label-mate Jerry Paper.

Peyton was born and raised in Houston, growing up with a love for music. Inspired by her late grandmother Theola Booker, who was known for her Grammy nominated compositions and arrangements for Reverend James Cleveland, Peyton’s career in music was inevitable. Despite her upbringing during the internet age, it’s not hard to hear the influence of R&B legends like Erykah Badu, Prince, and Amel Larrieux, sonically woven into her new EP.

At just 22 years old, Peyton is wasting no time carving out a space for herself in the music scene. Her collaboration on “Verbs” with Steve Lacy from The Internet, opening shows for The Internet and SALES, and featuring on the soundtrack for HBO’s Insecure are just the beginning for the up and coming artist.