New Video By Trevor Drury “Head On The Tracks”

Trevor Drury has slowly, but surely, become one of the most discussed solo artists in the American indie underground over the last year, and he’s back in the headlines this with a brilliant new single titled “Head on the Tracks” that fans and critics can’t seem to get enough of. The single, released on March 29th to a level of fanfare that has become oh-so typical for the dapper pop singer, Drury’s latest studio cut wades between the dark waters of jazzy vocal pop and a more straightforward variety of adult contemporary focused on the lyrical stylings of our star exclusively.

“Head on the Tracks” is almost like a dirge that’s been given a sonic shot of adrenaline; while the poetic drawl that exists as a buffer between the devilish drums and the bulging bassline is laced with a blue lyricism, Drury’s method of execution from behind the microphone keeps us from sinking into the depressive throes of the song’s minor key melodies. This is the caliber of content that we’ve come to expect out of this young songwriter, and he’s not letting me down in this single at all.