FEET (UK) Debut Video For New Single “Petty Thieving”

Today, UK band FEET debut their new music video for “Petty Thieving,” off their debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham (Clapped Records, October 4). The song has been a fan favourite since the band burst on to the scene at the end of 2017, and the new studio version captures the blustering swagger and raucous energy emblematic of the band.

“Petty Thieving is an example of masterful songwriting and immeasurable levels of maturity from a band consisting of 3 scholars, a well-informed brummie and a master student from the university of life” explains frontman George. “It would be modest to say this song isn’t the greatest jangly, baggy, fidgety guitar song of the decade, but modesty is for indie bands.

Watch the music video for “Petty Thieving” here.

“Wonky Britpop for a new generation.”

“One of the most deservedly hyped bands around.”

They’re an absolute gem from start to finish.