Alice Gray Shines On Debut EP ‘Paradise?’

Today, indie-pop darling Alice Gray is revealing her debut EP Paradise? The EP features 3 previously released tracks – “Take Me To The Water,” “Hell With You,” and “Indigo” – as well as two new songs, “Paradise” and “Stolen Gold.”

Paradise? has an intoxicating raw energy, defined by atmospheric lo-fi beats and dreamy pop melodies; Alice’s effortlessly breathy cadence transports the listener into an ethereal daydream. Explaining the ? in the title of the EP, Alice writes that it stems from her obsession “with breaking down the facade of perfection and the desire to present an idealized version of ourselves to the world.” She continues, “the common theme [throughout the EP] is an awareness and acceptance of imperfections. It’s an honesty portrayal of love and life.”

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