The Dummies’ Guide To Sex Doll Costs

To most sex doll buyers, sex doll cost and the beauty the dolls bear is usually all. But s this the best method to on buying these doll? Definitely not. Remember, unlike human beings whom you can deduce lots of conclusion from their behaviours, these are entirely artificial products. They will never talk to you, and you will not see them move on their own to sport their sexy body designs. So how do you go on with your choice?

Sex doll cost is never everything when you want to buy a classy high-end sex doll design. In the past and even today, lots of people end up buying sex dolls models not offering them the satisfaction they intent because they only focused on beauty and price. Through this guide am specifically advising and informing doll owners and especially those who want to buy to look beyond the doll’s costs.

Understand Your Selections

Your selections mainly builts on your preferences. Hence you will have to focus on the following sex doll features.


Typically, it is usually the bigger the doll, the higher its amount. However this is never definite. Size here will mean height and body size. While choosing, consider your weight strength and hight as well. If all of these conforms to your preferences then that would be a great choice. Even if you are tall and want a short doll, to test how it feels having sex with a short woman still it will be the right choice. Otherwise, choosing a heavy model which you cannot maneuver with around will not be a good idea.

2.Body type

This factor mainly refers to body curves. Are you looking for yummy and juicy sexy body or are you for petite models? Your choice need to be clear on this. Chose only the body type, which triggers your sexual desires each time you see them. See the various body types in victoria sex doll.


The construction material for a sex doll so much contributes to the entire cost of a sex doll. The two primary materials in current use are the TPE and Silicone. Silicone made dolls tend to sell higher as the material is easy to maintain and last longer.

4. The number of fun-holes

It works that the more the orifices, the higher the price. If therefore you need to play oral, anal and vaginal sex, you will have to pay more and vice versa.


Sex dolls are generally expensive, and therefore you wouldn’t want to go back to the shop any frequently. The solution to this is usually to buy a high-quality type that which would last at least longer. Durability factor from material used and the manufacturing procedure ensuite, and it is these as well that determines the price.

Final Thought

Do not let high doll price scare you if you want to buy any. If at all you are working on a low budget, still there exist options for you. Typically, all most models come in categories of either entry, middle or high-end levels. However, there are still those meant for persons with meagre budgets. They include the blow up dolls, Torsos and others like Research key. They mainly come with half body structure like the lower waist only. Sometimes lack limbs.