How to watch American Netflix from everywhere around the globe?

Binge-watching has become a common practice amongst millennials these days. According to statistics, almost 70% of all user’s binge-watching content on Netflix. The world-wide viewers can total to around 1 billion hours of videos watched every week. These numbers are staggering especially considering the fact that this is only for Netflix and there are tons of competitors for it with similar data.

How to use Netflix VPN?

1. Download Ivacy’s Netflix VPN
2. Install it on your device
3. Launch the application
4. Enjoy your favourite show on American Netflix with amazing speed

While this is exciting, it doesn’t seem so if you find yourself beyond the borders of the United States. Even if you are a citizen and are travelling for some reason, you will not be allowed to access your favorite shows. What then? You spend your days without access to them? No, not at all. Ivacy’s Netflix VPN provides you an effective solution.

When it comes to watching content, there is no harm in going a little out of the way to beat unnecessary restrictions placed by companies like Netflix. Ivacy VPN works with your normal Netflix account. It only configures the server to connect with the US domain of the service. This allows you to access a significantly larger collection for your viewing pleasures.

Using Ivacy is simple. You sign up for a subscription, download the app, select purpose and once the VPN is connected, feel free to browse content from the Netflix US library easily.

What’s so special about American Netflix?

Despite the other services in the market, Netflix still remains the biggest both in terms of titles and the number of subscribers. The worldwide numbers stand at around 150 million users for the service. However, Netflix doesn’t provide the same content across the different platforms that it hosts. With presence in 190 countries, the available content varies from one region to another.

This is where American Netflix stands out. It is by far the biggest library for movies and TV shows. Even the closest areas are substantially far away in terms of total number of content available to them. The main reason behind this is simple. America is where Netflix began and this is where the most loyal consumer base lies; 48% compared to the rest scattered around the globe.

It is no surprise then that American Netflix is the biggest database for entertainment purposes.

Unrestricted access on all platforms

Ivacy’s Netflix VPN lets you be free of every possible restriction. It lifts the geographic limitations which the company places. Then, most importantly, Ivacy applications are available for almost every major platform. The service is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and gaming consoles including Xbox or PS4. Browser extensions are also there for Chrome and Firefox etc.

This is not all. Ivacy is compatible with a variety of routers, Smart Televisions, Linux and even BlackBerry devices. No matter what type of equipment you have to watch Netflix, Ivacy is bound to have coverage for it. This variety comes with unlimited bandwidth and no speed restrictions. A VPN usually slows down the internet but Ivacy ensures that you are connected to the optimal server at all times.

Final Thoughts – Protect your online privacy with Netflix VPN

Ivacy and its Netflix VPN will not just fulfill your entertainment needs, they’ll also protect you from hacking and other cybercrimes. The theft and unauthorized use of personal information is becoming quite common. Ivacy defeats this by making all your browsing anonymous. It keeps no history of your history and masks your IP address so that no one else can spy on it either.

If you were in search for a solution to content restrictions on Netflix, look no further than Ivacy VPN.

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