Rav Medic New Single ‘The Sisters With Blood in Their Mouths’

A true exercise in sonic brutality, Rav Medic goes for the jugular on the intense “The Sisters With Blood in Their Mouths”. Making things as uncomfortable as possible the whole of the track opts for a foreboding, bleak atmosphere. Such a crazed, manic energy runs through the entirety of the work. Vocals have a feral spirit behind them while they go for a guttural urgency. The apocalyptic tenor of the entirety of the work further lends it a hopeless, sort of eternal struggle. With the evolution of the piece it grows to become ever more massive until it fully consumes the listener whole. Glimmers of beauty intersperse within the work helping to give it moments of transcendence.

Right in the beginning they get started nearly immediately. While the mood of the piece varies it rarely offers hope. Oscillating between outright despair and fury, they yearn for a salvation of sorts. The riffs have an intense quality to them while they have a nearly force of nature element behind them. By ensuring that these many layers intermingle the whole of the work feels akin to a controlled chaos, letting it slowly break apart into so many pieces. For the final stretch a feeling of frustration emerges which bring it all to close.

DSP – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5ahIS5d67T8tlWDI9KgRVt

“The Sisters With Blood in Their Mouths” shows off the terrifying nature of Rav Medic in creating something that confronts the listener and forces them to embrace the ugliness.