Bleeder – ‘Running’ Official Music Video Out Now

“Running,” the 4th song in The Singles Series, is the first Bleeder release not recorded by member Shelby Smoak in his home studio. For this song, the group went to Washington D.C.’s famed Inner Ear Studios where bands like Fugazi, Bad Brains, and Foo Fighters have all recorded. Most of “Running” was written in the months leading up to Smoak’s total knee replacement surgery, so images of darkness, confusion, and a mood of hopelessness permeate the song.

The title “Running” is also ironic given that Smoak spent these 8 months on crutches and walkers. The band is excited to present their musical maturity in this song, and Smoak, now operating with a very functional titanium knee, is glad to put to rest that dark period of his life.