JTruthPA Presents “Sunflower” Video

JTruthPA the 26-year-old Philadelphia native loves creating pop and hip-hop music with EDM, funk, and disco vibes which he’s calling it ” Melodic Trap”. With his skillfulness in song writing, JTruthPA is committed to spreading positive messages and using his music to bring great vibes and change the world for the better. He is constantly creating vibes but when he is not working on his own, JTruthPA likes to vibe out to the likes of Bruno Mars, Drake, Russ,PNB Rock,Ed Sheeran,and Lauren Hill.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, everyone has a voice – and everyone wants their story to be heard. Jonathan Rodriguez grew up in a community plagued with violence, and when he was 13, he began turning heads and spreading positive messages with his music. Six years later, at 19, he left his job as a cashier to pursue his dreams of a music career. He tried his hand at busking in Times Square, and a clip of his performance blew up on WorldStarHipHop within hours. It wasn’t an immediately easy ride from there – at one point, JTruthPA was homeless in Las Vegas – but he used his love of busking to hone his craft and capture hearts.

“Sunflower” is a perfect example of what JTruthPA can do. His lyricism and energetic flow are on perfect display, as are his dance moves: he’s got a whole crew ready to back him up. It’s a perfect summer day to explore the city – and spend it with his sweetheart. Sure, they walk past a field of bright yellow flowers, and he’s got a bouquet ready on the picnic blanket – but the only thing catching JTruthPA’s eye is his girl. He says about the video, “The inspiration for ‘Sunflower’ came when I was trying to write the record at home and I couldn’t. I realized that the title of the production was ‘Sunflower,’ and I wanted to make a record that metaphorically puts together talking about a woman and the parts of a sunflower in a cool way.

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