Hijak Presents Visuals For “Hola Bonita”

If you’re looking for a bilingual song that can quickly get a crowd moving, look no further than Haitian artist HiJak’s new single “Hola Bonita.” Rooted in the reggaeton sounds of the Spanish Caribbean, “Hola Bonita” is a track that can be dedicated to any special love you’ve got out there- and simultaneously serve as your big chance to get them to the dancefloor with you. The rhythm of “Hola Bonita’ is infectiously rump-shaking while HiJak’s vocals are so catchy that it seems nearly impossible to not sing along with his hooks. This is undoubtedly a club-born track and will get even the most stubborn of wallflowers out dancing and asking for más.

Influenced by Biggie Smalls and Wyclef Jean, HiJak likes to present himself as a “hook master” that takes what he experiences in his life and turns it into art. Born in Haiti and centered in the Bronx, he is now managed by Miami label Big Bagz Entertainment and shot the entirety of the “Hola Bonita” music video in Orlando with collaboration from representatives of Full Sail University. HiJak is constantly working to provide his fans with great music and maintains a strong social media presence to engage with them.

If there is one thing that can be said about “Hola Bonita” music video, it’s that HiJak has a flair for color. Donning so many fluorescent outfits with a backdrop of downtown Orlando behind him, HiJak uses this video to show off his cool threads and the lady that is making him sing this song to begin with. The whole vibe of the video fits that of a hot, trendy nightclub with the way that everyone is dancing as much as they can and how the lights are glimmering bright to make HiJak and his female counterpart pop to viewers at home. This video is an absolute party, and anyone who listens to the song is invited to join in.