Crobot New Album ‘Motherbrain’

Crobot is a P.A. metal band consisting of Brandon Yeagley on vocals, Chris Bishop on guitar and Dan Ryan on drums, and they add either James Lascu or Eddie Collins on bass for touring. They have toured and played at venues with numerous big name metal bands, gaining a following. Motherbrain is their fourth release.

Burn is a heavy Black Sabbath type song. Keep Me Down sounds like a lot of influence from early metal. Drown starts off like Lemmy style fast paced song before slowing to a ballad tempo. Low Life is a good song that sort of blends rock into metal. Alfa Dog is an in your face declaration of sorts. Black Out slows it down with an Alice in Chains approach. Stoning The Devil is their interesting take on the subject. Gasoline is a strong take on a relationship song. Destroyer is a slower tune relying mostly on the vocals. After Life is a good tempo piece with a stop and start format. The Hive has some nice licks running through it.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of newer metal releases coming through lately, but this one is interesting. Crobot has a good chemistry without getting overbearing. They fit right in with a new blend of metal while incorporating their influences. Brandon has the pipes to deliver the various styles without growling. Chris does a good job with his chord and chop progression. You get a little touch of something here and there sounding at times like Mark Tremonti, Tony Rombola, Tony Iommi, Scott Ian, and other metal leaders. Check them out Metal Heads!

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By R.M. Engelman