Mike Jay New Video “Heels”

We can fight if you want to. You can even leave if you wish. But don’t leave your heels behind. That’s the message behind the latest track from pop singer extraordinaire Mike Jay. Centering on the ups and downs of relationships, “Heels” affirms that if your relationship ends, it should stay that way and not turn into a game of cat-and-mouse where two people are chasing something that shouldn’t be. Equipped with a backdrop of sensuality provided by Jay’s soulful vocals, the song touches on the beauty that romance can have and how that great feeling can easily 180 and turn into something that you regret. Instead of being driven crazy in the bedroom, you’re driven crazy in general.

“Heels” is an example of a great song made even better by the singer that is featured on it. Mike Jay showcases vocal excellence and provides his fans just that with the way he sounds extremely bold and strong-willed when he hits the high notes in the chorus. With relative ease, he goes from letting out a quiet and soulful R&B serenade to belting a loud and passionate plea for mercy from his scorned love interest. With the amount of skill and elegance on this track, there’s no debate that Mike Jay is the only person who can take this song from an everyday track to a masterpiece anthem.

There’s no question that Mike Jay is a king when it comes to his vocals – and the “Heels” video erases any doubt that he’s a king in the literal sense. Sitting on a royal throne, Mike serenades his listeners as he watches a gorgeous dancer in a chainmail-reminiscent outfit perform passionate choreography to the rhythm of the instrumentals and the sound of Jay’s voice. It gives off the impression of some regal authority commanding his subjects to entertain him and the rest of his court.