British Superstar Asher Knight’s Current American Invasion In Support Of His Debut EP – “Step Back”

Asher Knight’s Debut EP, “Step Back” is climbing up the radio charts. Asher is set to begin his American Invasion in early August. The EP consists of 4 terrific songs; “Step Back”, co-written by Mark Owen from the band Take That, as well as George Tizzard and Rick Parkhouse. “The Night Belongs To You”, co-written by The Voice UK judge – Olly Murrs, George Tizzard and Rick Parkhouse. “Save Me from Myself “, co-written by Jon Maguire and Jon Lilygreen, and “Letting Go”, written by Jamie Sellers.

Hailing from Bradford, England, Asher now lives in London, Asher is on the cutting edge of today’s new music scene. Winding down from his UK tour with the Vamps, as well sold out support slots with Steps and All Saints, plus he was Boyzone’s main support act on their “Thank You & Good Night” tour. Asher Knight will begin another tour opening for Will Young in twenty something music halls across the UK in October.

Heartthrob, Asher Knight is guaranteed to excite all of his fans. His melodic lyrics are filled with deeply inspired emotions, packing his listeners with love and hope. Asher paints pictures of romance that are way ahead of this 21-year-old singer/songwriter’s experiences.

Asher Knight’s EP “Step Back” is heading towards being received by over 1 million Spotify playlist followers and has already been streamed on Spotify over 350,000 times. Asher’s vibe is reminiscent of the 80’s band The Alan Parson’s Project with a more modern bit of Damon Albarn mixed in for good measure, but uniquely his own fresh sound.

Asher Knight has defied all of the odds, bringing his past teenage suffering by being bullied, into his very relatable music. Now turning it all around and speaking out about anti-bullying at schools and colleges, letting his young fans know that they are not alone. Asher has aligned with many anti-bullying charities in the UK: Believe in Children Barnado’s, Bullying UK, NSPCC, Samaritans, and Kidscape.

On November 13, 2019 – Asher Knight will be getting a huge honor, The Producers Choice Honors Award for “Best in the USA: Outstanding International Pop Performer”, as part of this he will be performing at this award show in Las Vegas.

It’s about time America will be able to discover Asher Knight’s new phenomenal blend of real music. Strong, striking, Asher Knight is a force of nature, spreading his message through his music, his way.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
AK: I never intended to pursue music, I studying performing arts at school and my teacher in a class gave no option but to sing, so I got up and sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, from that moment on, I only wanted to sing.

Which artists do you look up to?
AK: I find so many artists inspirational, but artist like Beyoncé, Michael Jackson have always influenced me due to their stage presence, music and just general all rounded performance.

What artist would you like to work with in the future?
AK: So many artists, but number one is Beyoncé!! She is just an amazing artist who makes me want to be better everyday.

What’s a favorite story about your childhood?
AK: I use to love traveling down to London from Yorkshire to see my Grand Dad. I remember spending time with all my family and was shown all the most amazing places in London.

What message do your songs convey?
AK: Every song conveys different messages but all of them relate to the way I feel and things I have experienced from heartbreak to happiness. My single “Step Back” has a reflective message about appreciating the positive people you have in your life.

What do you love about your fans?
AK: What I love about the people who follow me on my journey is that they are so diverse. Mums and there daughters support me and people from all around the world.

Why pop music over other genres?
AK: It was most natural for me, I grew up listening to pop music mainly but I would like to work with other artist in different genres. Pop is so diverse in sound and can connect with everyone.

Are you working on new music?
AK: I have new music in the pipeline; I am always motivated to record new music, it keeps my creativity flowing.

How do you get inspired?
AK: Life is what inspires me most as we all go through so many different situations in life that are positive and negative, but also by watching other artists perform. The people I work with stir me up, because they all have incredible ideas that expand my creativity constantly.

How do you get an idea for a song?
AK: Ideas come from just living life, in every situation I find some sort of underlining subject that most people will experience.

Any performances that stand out in the past?
AK: My performance at Manchester Arena. I saw my first concert there, which was Miley Cyrus in 2009, and I remember thinking I so wish I could do that one-day as every kid would. Then over 10 years later I did do it, I supported Boyzone and performed in front of a fully sold out Manchester Arena; that was so awesome for me.

Where do you see your music going in the future?
AK: I want to grow as an artist and become someone that can encourage others. I also want to go into the business side of music; people like Jay Z sparks me from the artist side but also business side. My mentor CeCe Sammy helped me grow as an artist and would love to eventually do the same for someone else.

What do you do to take care of your voice?
AK: I warm up each day, and make sure I drink plenty of water I usually aim for a minimum of 3 liters a day. Small things like this usually help me a lot.

What were your first memories of music in your childhood?
AK: My first memories were watching The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon as so many of their shows had music. I remember family friends parties with karaoke and me, and my friend trying to sing, but it usually sounded not very good, haha.

What family member inspired you to sing?
AK: No one in my family sings, I am the only one but my family has always supported me. They understood it was my dream and encouraged me to pursue it.

Who are your music mentors?
AK: My mentor CeCe Sammy has encourages me so much. She has allowed me to experience so many different things in music which has helped me expanded my dreams and abilities. I started off assisting CeCe on TV shows for BBC and many other channels internationally, which allowed me to develop and learn from producers, the people casting and directors. I started making drinks for people and getting them food, which allowed me to sit and learn from them, eventually to the point I was at a casting and they started asking my opinion on people. I could never have learned all that without CeCe.

Who are your life mentors?
AK: I have been able to surround myself with amazing people over the years. They all do different things, from fitness to dance, singing and even business, which allows me to ask so many different opinions and come to conclusion of things I might struggle with in life. I try to surround myself with positive people who can guide me and not negative people who are just making me feel down constantly and I think that the change I made has helped me.

What is it like being on stage?
AK: Addictive, I always refer to being on stage like a drug. You can never get enough!! When on tour and performing I feel my best. There is never a day where I don’t want to get on stage; as for me it’s the part that makes everything come together.

What kind of things do you do to warm up before a show?
AK: My show prep is so important as that can make or break my performance I find. I start of with making sure I am hydrated, so when I arrive I make sure I drink plenty of water. I usually arrive 4 hours or so before I go on stage so I do a little work out for 20 minutes, just something that sets my mind going. We usually eat dinner at the venues so after that I usually start warming my vocal cords up, doing scales and different exercises. I usually then stretch, as I dance on stage, I always try to make sure my muscles are ready and are loose. While I stretch I sing the songs I am going to do on stage. Then it’s usually show time.

What do you say is your style with fashion?
AK: My style is varied; I wear what I like usually. I always watch out for things I like, and what might suit me and then try it.

How do you keep yourself going when you’re in the studio?
AK: I work out as much as possible and make sure I eat the right foods. I have always avoided junk food as I find it doesn’t help me feel full or give me the energy I need. As long as I am physically healthy I find long days become easier. I’m always very strict on myself to become the best I can be, so I push myself when I start to feel tired or if I feel like I am struggling.

What do you do for enjoyment?
AK: When I get time I like to do many things, from walks, museums to go carting and anything competitive. I also really enjoy just staying in and watching a Netflix series or shows on Amazon.

Do you have a health regiments that help you with your singing?
AK: Yes, I am rather strict on myself when it comes to my health. From avoiding junk food and rarely drinking alcohol, and if I do never more than one or two glasses. I attend the gym 4 times a week usually and I am constantly working on different goals. Athletes always inspire me, and I try to get that mentality into what I do. If I am at my healthiest then performance can be at its best.

Anything else you’d like me to add?
AK: I am super excited about my American debut and hope that everyone follows me. Here are my links: