How to Avoid Miscommunication Errors in Running a Band

Bands often have their own fair share of drama. However, band members can learn to avoid these issues by improving how they communicate with each other. Consider the following four strategies when working to improve relations among bandmates.

Schedule Regular Meetings

To be on the same page, band members need to make it a point to schedule in time to discuss business details with one another. From discussions like hiring new band members to purchase studio time, every band needs to have regularly scheduled meetings that allow them to keep abreast of all band-related issues. Whether these meetings are once a week or twice a month, they serve as the time and place for every bandmate to stay up-to-date on their band business.

Use a Business Messaging Service

Another important way to stay in touch with one another is to use a messaging service for business. This messaging service helps bandmates stay in constant communication with one another without the complications or distractions that other social messaging services present. With this type of service, band members are able to manage their conversations, guarantee messages are opened, and staying on top of upcoming schedules or gigs.

Adopt Proper Social Media Practices

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are excellent tools when it comes to promoting one’s band, but can easily lead to miscommunication when used improperly. Whether the band’s Instagram is left for months without any updated posts or one person posts improper information to Facebook, misuse of social media can quickly lead to disagreements. To improve communication among band members, every bandmate should approve content for social media together and adopt standard practices for social media etiquette.

Discuss Upcoming Gigs After Final Rehearsals

Too often, band members have falling outs due to miscommunications that occur during the hours after a final rehearsal and before a big gig. While certain unforeseen circumstances always happen during live shows, it’s best to limit these mishaps by having an open discussion after the final rehearsal before a gig. This will help all band members to be on the same page with one another and prepare for the performance.

Everyone communicates differently and bandmates are no different. Instead of letting these varying communication techniques negatively affect the band, try these four strategies as you work to communicate with one another more effectively.