Union Duke Reveal The Kardashians Will Ruin The World With Banjo-Powered Single

Taking their cue from Aldous Huxley’s classic tale of a one-man rebellion against the norm, Union Duke’s own Brave New World, as evidenced in their new single, 123, takes a much more laid-back approach. Swapping the mythical Soma for whiskey, their protagonist enjoys a night on the town and looks to put the world to rights from the comfort of his bed. In a three-minute sing-along anthem, Union Duke take aim at modern society and apathy, with one famous collective in particular being singled out as representing everything wrong with the world as we approach the apocalypse.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Union Duke comprise Matt, Ethan, Jim, Will and Rob, genuine friends who take influence from the gems of their parents’ record collections and injecting an extra dose of rock n roll attitude, whilst staying to the traditional roots. Five singers; five songwriters; countless reasons for them to be your new favourite band. With three albums, countless festival stages, and hundreds of thousands of kilometres in the rear-view, the band is excited to be touring new music and winning new fans everywhere they go. In the two years since their last record Golden Days, Union Duke has been steadily travelling and unravelling across the country, and they’re ready to share the lessons they’ve learned with a slate of new music. 123 is the second of four new songs of love, distance, heartache and revelry which will be finding their way into your ears, eyes and hearts.

Listen to ‘123’: