The formidable Ella Eyre today returns with her incredible brand-new single Mama out now on Island Records. Produced by Banx & Ranx and featuring Kiana Ledé, Mama beckons a new era for the 25-year-old singer-songwriter powerhouse and performer, as for the first time she arrives leading her own team, working on her own terms.

What started life as a straight break-up song has become an empowering anthem that refuses to let an ex get away with anything. It’s about standing up for yourself and making sure you’re not being bad mouthed to a family that you care about. Ella said, ” I can’t wait for my fans to hear my first single Mama! This one’s about standing up for yourself and making sure that if your relationship ends, your ex doesn’t get away with telling a bunch of lies to a family you care about. I hope you all feel as empowered and excited as I do!”