DARRELL KELLEY Presents “I’m So High”

R&B-Hip-Hop artist Darrell Kelley’s latest release, a single entitled “I’m So High”, goes viral, amassing tens of thousands of plays on most major digital platforms, and sustains the momentum created by his previous drops, his single “Beautiful”, and his music video “Get Wild”.

The R&B artist holds the power to inspire and feed the souls that come in contact with his music with pure feelings of love.

In his music, Darrell Kelley focuses on reminding us of humanity’s most essential quests, inviting us to see what we share despite our differences and unique life paths. He believes one can find a way of living that feels free and authentic through spirituality and love, allowing us to live unafraid while spreading positivity and helping make the world a better place.

Kelley’s latest release is as fantastical and hopeful as its opening implies, a fluid melodic build-up that spotlight his cosmic voice and soulful message. Showing how his art is a non-negotiable part of himself, Darrell Kelley shares his ability to create spaces to dream and stretch in “I’m So High”, and humbly but surely continues his winning streak in the Hip-Hop/R&B music scene. He created such a fully realized song with a dreamlike feel that no doubt about it, Kelley’s latest major piece will break through the noise.