All The Feels // New Video for Lxanda “Swimming Pools”

Youth & Self-Worth has never felt so urgent as it does in Lxandra’s reflective pop masterpiece, Swimming Pools, which gets handfuls of additional magic in a brand new video below. It’s a spirited, 3 minutes feel-good pop masterpiece that is impossible to not feel uplifted from.

Speaking about the video, Lxandra explains “We wanted to create this innocent and child-like world that combines imagination and reality for the video. I let the inner child in me show and I danced like nobody’s watching in front of the whole video team which felt very freeing. We wanted to create a visual that really supports the positive part of the message in the song that happiness really is in those little things and sometimes all you need is a little imagination. You don’t need a crown to be a queen.”

Hailing from a small island off the coast of Finland, it’s easy to think Lxandra is an unlikely pop star in the making. Her songwriting, however, has the ability to transcend beyond the near impregnable defenses of her island in North-East Europe. It’s thoughtful & reflective storytelling, that is outrageously infectious & warming through-out all you’ll hear. You’ll be able to hear more of her opening remarks when she releases her debut EP, Another Lesson Learned, on October 25th that’ll feature next single Dip My Heart in Confetti, out earlier next month.