New Video By CoNero “Young & Living Lavish”

Lovable, unorthodox, and raw comes in full circle with this rap duo. Formerly known as Calvin Jamison and Nicole Terrell, ItsDineroBaby and Queen Co surfaced out of Memphis, Tennessee, a state becoming predominantly large with musical talent such as BlockBoy JD and more!

Born September 28th, 1994 (Queen Co) age 24 comes from a family of 2 sisters and 1 brother. She graduated from Fairley High School. QueenCo got introduce to music by a close friend in High School. He inspired her, and she started taking it serious in 2016. April 11th, 1997 (Dinero) age 21 comes from a family of all boys, which he is the youngest. He graduated from Carver High School, each developed a love for music throughout grade school. Dinero built his own home studio and started recording his self. Meddling with different running grounds before diving head first into the scorching music industry.

Brought together by risky business ties and investments, Dinero and QueenCo grew especially close to one another while exploring some of the most influential cities in rap. After 12 weeks of vigorous recording and heavy critiques, these two young heavy-hitters decided to merge on this path to greatness together. Plans of becoming the world’s largest duo male and female group is looking bright for the two superstars straight out of Memphis. Both artists are influenced by each other, which makes them a perfect team.