London’s alt-pop artist Elizsabeth Entitled ‘I Choose Myself’

Elizsabeth is a London-based artist creating empowering alt-pop music inspired by stories of self-love, self-preservation and self-growth. Using her evocative vocals, mesmeric hooks and honest lyrics she wants her music to be a source for anyone needing reminding about the importance of discovery and acceptance. Focusing on the value that people should stand for who they truly are, despite what others say, Elizsabeth has set out with the ambition to emphasise of empowerment in all aspects of life.

After years of struggling with anxiety from feeling judged for who she was and constantly comparing herself to others, Elizsabeth knew something had to change, she confides, “The more love I had for myself, the more I saw love around me. Listening, writing and singing music continues to help me heal these old wounds, giving me peace when I need it most. I want to share my journey using my own music to inspire others and be a reminder that when we look inwards we have everything we’ve been looking for”.