Mr MooQ Releases “Good Luck With That”

Mr MooQ begins “Good Luck With That” with an unaccompanied vocal, before a disco-y groove kicks in. What follows is a slightly moody dance-pop piece.

Usually when people say, ‘Good luck with that,’ it’s a bit of a kiss-off statement. Oftentimes, it comes after considering another person’s poor plans and opting out of the situation. It’s as if to say, ‘It’s all yours now, dude.’ The ‘good luck’ wish may be sarcastic; when another person has a bad plan, you’re not really wishing their plan succeeds, but fails so they see the error of their ways. Instead, the wish of good luck is actually a veiled wish for bad luck.

In this song, Mr MooQ describes a person who is telling lies, so you get the feeling he had a moral falling out with this person. If this person’s going to lie and cheat, he doesn’t want any part in it. This person is also an ex-lover, Mr MooQ suggests when he sings, “Maybe you’ll remember how much I loved you.” He can’t be with this person because he sings about how this other person is “still running around.”

Musically, this single has all the earmarks of synth-pop, with its synthesizer keyboard backing, sparse instrumentation and dance groove. Some of the parts of this song recall Pet Shop Boys, sonically.

After Mr MooQ wonders if this other person will remember the love he had for the individual, he adds, “After you hit the bottom and there’s no one to run to.” Once again, Mr MooQ’s words reiterate how much he doesn’t approve of this other’s actions. He sees this person headed for a bad end.

All the sarcasm expressed with these lyrics is mixed in with sincere concern. Yes, he’s disappointed in this other person’s actions, which sounds to be falling into a downward spiral. Nevertheless, he also sings, “I wrestle with these feeling ‘cause I still care.” He’s probably not feeling good with how he’s feeling, which is why he sings about wrestling with them. He does not approve of this other person’s lifestyle, but he still cares about the person as an individual. He also sings about being treated like a puppet. It’s tough to care for somebody who is abusing you, like a puppeteer.


Vocally, Mr MooQ sings with plenty of emotion and purpose. The music is peppy, but the lyrics are anything but up. This song’s lyric could just as easily be put to a folk guitar rhythm, and probably be just as effective.

Toward the song’s end, there is the sound effect of an outgoing answering machine message. Of course, we don’t really use answering machines any longer. Then again, Mr MooQ’s music is slightly retro sounding, so it makes sense here to have an old technology reference in it.

One of the song lines is, “Love is not fair.” Well, life is not fair, in general. There’s nothing fair and equitable about broken hearts, and Mr MooQ sounds heartbroken on this song. It sometimes seems as though, if we didn’t have bad luck in love, we’d have no luck at all. Don’t be fooled by words of this song title because luck has nothing to do with the situation. What’s needed here is a change of heart, not a change in luck.

-Dan MacIntosh