Chloe Tang New Single For “Take Care”

It often takes artists most of their careers to turn that fire inside into fire in the studio. With her singles “Lame,” “Hype,” and her latest, “Take Care,” Chinese-American singer/songwriter Chloe Tang is already 3-for-3. “Take Care” is yet another sultry, piano-driven head-bouncer that you’re gonna listen to 50 times in a row. But is she Pop? R&B? She’s a little too busy to sweat genres, or their fanbases, so she’ll just take them all, thanks. The Phoenix native, who now calls LA home, has racked up over 550,000 streams on Spotify, on playlists such as New Music Friday, Love Pop, Fresh Electronic, Creamy Tracks, New Pop Revolution, Brand New Chill, and Weekendhygge. She’s got that lone wolf vibe Rihanna has, would be right at home opening for Kehlani, and is a little like a more organic Sabrina Claudio. Going off her youthful, vulnerable lyrics, Chloe Tang is still figuring out where life’s gonna take her, but she’s got more than enough hooks in her head to soundtrack that trip.


Technically speaking, someone so new to the game has absolutely no business writing a song so front-to-back catchy. The song finds its fearlessness in the terrifying, all-too-rare admission that being taken care of emotionally feels pretty great. With that kind of honesty laid bare, it’s no wonder her sultry, dynamic vocals come across as down-to-Earth and as real as they do. She’s sung about bad relationships, anxiety, and empowerment before. Here she expertly hits all of those subjects in a love song that doesn’t even use any of those words. The spare keys in the slinky verses make this one memorable within the first few seconds. As the track drops into the chorus, the low-end chords can be felt right in the ribcage, as her no-nonsense lyrics and soulful melodies go straight for the heart. Her vulnerability is defiant. Her playfulness is power. Chloe Tang is here, loud and clear.