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The BPM Festival Announces New Destination & Dates for January 2020

After much anticipation, The BPM Festival is proud to reveal its new winter home in the perfect dance music destination this January 15-19, 2020. Starting a new chapter on the Gold Coast in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, The BPM Festival looks forward to creating new memories on one of the most beautiful and modern beach destinations in Central America. For its inaugural edition, the award-winning underground dance music festival known for delivering exceptional production and sound with the very best in house and techno talent for over a decade, will maintain its format and take place across multiple venues over five days and nights of musical programming in the picturesque resort town.

September Mourning release “Unholy” new music, tour with FLAW & Smile Empty Soul

The genesis of September Mourning started in a dark New York basement, where a young girl discovered her father’s old comic book collection and quickly became enraptured by the stories, especially the characters and arcs in the Batman series. “Those resonated with me the most” says band leader and creative driving force Emily Lazar (AKA September). “The Killing Joke’ is still my favorite comic book”. The stories and characters helped turn Lazar into a life-long artist across several mediums – including ballet, story-telling, visual art, and music. She has combined those various talents into a living and breathing, graphic-novel-come-to-life with her band of Reapers in September Mourning. With the release of their new single and video “Unholy”, they continue to forge ahead with their aural and visual extravaganza.


‘NO L’ is an enticing preview for the upcoming mixtape, one that sees the new talent showcasing his lyricism and production skill by effortlessly blending hip-hop and melodic R&B. Today’s video follows on from previous single ‘HOMEOWNER, a song that was championed by BBC Radio 1, Capital Xtra as well as BBC 1Xtra who made it their ‘Homegrown Track Of The Week’. The ongoing support of the track proves INFAMOUSIZAK’s ability to push boundaries as he establishes himself as one of this year’s most exciting artists to watch.

Them Coulee Boys share new song + accompanying lovely music video for “Midnight Manifestos”

Them Coulee Boys from Eau Claire, Wisconsin proudly share the lovely, “Midnight Manifestos,” along with an extremely wonderful and pleasant accompanying music video. This is the second track from Die Happy, their upcoming album out via LoHi Records on August 23 produced by Trampled By Turtles front man, Dave Simonett. “Midnight Manifestos” is filled with addictive harmonies, a lovely catchy chorus, and a rhythm section that will stay stuck in your head for days.

INTERSTITIA: Debut Full-Length From Ambient Electronic Act Streaming At Captured Howls

INTERSTITIA is the solo work of Asheville, North Carolina resident Graham Scala, a punk/hardcore lifer who has played with the likes of Souvenirs Young America, Highness, Forensics, and others, and is currently a part of Harmonic Cross, Bleach Everything, and more. When not collaborating with other acts, Scala routinely works on material at home, some of which has previously manifested to the outside world in the form of Ventoux, and now, INTERSTITIA.

Explore Interstitia’s Debut Full-Length Of Captivating Soundscapes Exclusively Here

Experience FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival 25th Year Celebration – August 10, 2019, Atlanta

ATLANTA: August 10, 2019, FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival will celebrate twenty-five years of cultural preservation and artistic excellence; The premiere festival of music and arts discovery.

This innovative festival is known for introducing new artistic talents and lifestyle concepts in a creative, multi-activity atmosphere focused on music, its history and social connections. A festival full of surprises!

When was the last time you danced to a BAND and interacting DJ? Come and experience creative freedom and expression in multiple artistic disciplines. We’ve had an impressive history in music, film and the arts – the long-standing curators of cool and what’s next – expecting yet another sold out event.

Dreamgazer’s PENCEY SLOE – debut full length (France) 9-27-19

With somnambulistic certainty and a name harking back to American novelist J.D. Salinger, the trio creates soundscapes of beautifully psychedelic color with some darker tinges that urge you to glimpse into your own inner abyss. Diane and her fellows craft songs with both youthful abandon and astounding maturity. There is a particular deftness in Pencey Sloe’s harmonic interplay between jangling guitars and the front woman’s angelic voice, all held together by infectiously straight drumming.

After Appearing on BBC One’s ‘All Together Now’ Singer-Songwriter Bee Bakare

Having received support from the likes of BBC Radio London, Premier Radio and Huffington Post, Nigeria-born British singer-songwriter BeeBakare returns with heartfelt, female empowering anthem ‘10000’. Pulling inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston and India Arie, Beehopes to spread the message of embracing your natural beauty, self-love and being yourself.

90’s Hip Hop Gets Its Attitude Back, Poni Capri Delivers Latest Single

Listed by Evening Standard alongside Estelle and M.I.A as the Brits who found fame in the states, Poni Capri has come a long way since growing up in East London, but her birthplace continues to influence both her music, and how she lives her life.

Given her name Poni Capri because she can “ride over any rhythm,”, Poni (real name Marsha Bryant) grew up as one of five children to a Jamaican father and Ghanian mother in East London and spent much time living with relatives in Hackney as her parents endured an acrimonious divorce. Soon falling into the crime-fuelled gang culture in her early teens, one of the few girls at the heart of this dark world, she saw her fellow members shot, killed, imprisoned and falling victim to drugs and suicide in a short space of time.

LANTA is the Sound of 80’s Synth Driven Pop on Powerful New Single (Fans of Shura/ Chvrches)

Margate-based singer-songwriter LANTA, is the perfect example of hard work and staying true to your craft throughout. The multi-talented artist is gearing up to her second release “More Alive” ahead of a third single towards the end of summer, enjoying the support and creative freedom she’s always craved. It’s been a difficult journey getting to a place where she feels comfortable writing and releasing as a solo artist again. Under her previous guise, Kimberly Anne, she found near-overnight success after vocalling a cover of ‘Show Me Love’ by Sam Feldt. The track became a YouTube sensation and she soon found herself signed to a major label. After time, she became incredibly disillusioned with the process. Feeling creatively stifled, she decided to take stock and face some hard truths.

Thomston drops shimmering new single ‘Deal’

Armed with a sultry R&B vibe, ‘Deal’ explores online connectivity and the disposable nature of modern relationships. Thomston explains: “People are so accessible, that we’ve grown increasingly disposable. We’re messaged until we’re ghosted, and that can mess with your sense of self-worth. ‘Deal’ is facing that disposability head on, demanding clarity about a relationship.”

Teddy and ILoveMakonnen link up on new single‘Cupid! (Shot Me In The Dark)’ | Out Now via AUTMNY Records

Teddy has joined forces with ILoveMakonnen on spaced-out new single ‘Cupid! (Shot Me In The Dark)’, out now via AUTNMY Records.

Produced by friend and long-term collaborator Smokeasac, ‘Cupid! (Shot Me In The Dark)’ sees Teddy return with his trademark emo-tinged sound, rapping nonchalantly over a dark trap beat. Contrasting heavily with Teddy’s sluggish vocals, ILoveMakonnen delivers his rapid-fire flow on the second verse. The video for ‘Cupid! (Shot Me In The Dark)’ stars Teddy and ILoveMakonnen groggily clowning around in a dimly-lit apartment – further emphasising the track’s tripped-out vibe.

Laurent Bourque: “Thinking of you”

Laurent Bourque on “Thinking of you”:
“Thinking of you” is one of the oldest songs I wrote on my own for this record. It’s a song about daydreaming about a past relationship. It’s about those little vignettes and moments in time we reminisce about when we’re busy doing something else. It’s about the instinct to maybe reach to that person we’re thinking about and want to ask them how they are or what they are up to; yet we always hold back due to being scared of seeming vulnerable. We all have these thoughts and instincts yet we can rarely act on them. It’s my summertime jam, or about as close as I get to that. Jenn Grant sings the lovely poppy back-up vocals on the choruses.

Jitensha – Relax, You’ve Got it “Under Control”

“When we started “Under Control,” we were chatting while driving between Portland and Eugene. I (Rose) had heard a rumour about David back in Vancouver, and asked him whether or not it was true. He was taken aback – it definitely wasn’t. We talked about how one can overcome that nagging feeling of being misunderstood. It’s the idea of having all your dirty laundry out on display that inspired the music video for this new song. All you can really do is try not to sweat the small stuff. We worked on the verses during the drive, finishing the chorus by the time we had made it to Santa Cruz.”

LEISURE Album Out Now; Watch Official Music Video For “Man”       

TWISTER is a freeform exploration into pop psychedelia, smooth R&B and big room modern soul music. In celebration, LEISURE share the official music video for latest single “Man.” “Man” boasts a steady, funk-laden beat and serenading lyrics, “Let me be your man now.” With the single, the band have also shared the official music video.

Aaron Lee Tasjan To Release “Karma For Cheap: Reincarnated” August 30th

Aaron Lee Tasjan will release Karma for Cheap: Reincarnated on August 30th, 2019. The 10-song set is a completely re-recorded and re-imagined version of his critically acclaimed 2018 studio album Karma for Cheap and includes an unreleased song, the intimate stunner, ‘My Whole Life Is Over (All Over Again).” In celebration of its first birthday, Karma for Cheap: Reincarnated will be released exactly one year after the original album.

Black Country, New Road Share New Track “Sunglasses”

Front man Isaac Wood has the following to say about the single’s themes: “it describes a series of events, loosely connected, all yet to happen. The song was intended to be highly inspirational. The lyrics are sometimes concerned with symbols of wealth or affluence but they are not written from a critical or even external position.”


MANY BLESSINGS + PULSATILE TINNITUS delivers an hour of menace, leading with a monstrous collaborative track, after which two individual tracks from each artist take turns dousing the listener with their tortured auditory attacks, creating a seamless excursion in droning noise.

Your fear is real! Listen to the noise // drone of MANY BLESSINGS/PULSATILE TINNITUS!

Eway – Track: I Want It All

Chicago born, Minnesota raised Eway, is a hip-hop artist, producer, and up and coming music mogul. His slick word play and raw beats sets him aside from the rest. Growing up in Rochester, Minnesota Eway learned quickly from a friend how to make his own tracks and foster his own musical talent at the age of 16.

Yaeji presents Elancia warehouse rave in Brooklyn, set for September 6

Korean-American vocalist, producer and visual artist Yaeji presents a new curated rave called Elancia, set for Friday, September 6 at 592 Johnson Ave in Brooklyn. The lineup features staples from New York’s electronic scene including Gardens, Hot ‘N Spicy, Papi Juice, The Push, School of Hard Trax and Sublimate, with food and snacks provided by Korean restaurant Kichin.

Billie Gale // new single (Oakland dream pop)

Atmospheric dream-pop quartet Billie Gale is a musical monument to songwriter Beth Garber’s late mother. Billie Gale—the woman—was a classic feminist, a combination of soft and strong, and the band that bears her name shares this intense duality. The band’s enveloping shoegaze textures blanket singer, and primary songwriter, Beth’s boldly vulnerable lyrical outcries.

“Billie Gale is an entity with her own personality, and we all add to that as a band,” Beth shares.

Camp Howard Premieres “Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean” via The Wild Honey Pie

“Both precise and seemingly effortless, the track grooves with an intensely lazy energy. It’s a sound that should be sloppy, but this young band’s relentless performance schedule has trained them well.” -The Wild Honey Pie