New Video By Tzz Mlno “2S”

TZZ MLNO (formally spelled & pronounced Tazz Milano) is from Brooklyn, New York, much like his biggest influencer, Biggie Smalls. Tzz describes how he goes beast on tracks and his flourishing work ethic, plus determination. Who else puts out 3 projects in a fourth month time frame. Mlno represents the sly, dapper side of Tzz and voila, you have Tzz Mlno.

There are few moments where Tzz does not showcase dynamic word play, flow and metaphors in a clever and meticulous melody, much like another one of his idols, Lil Wayne. Tzz’s other persona, The Greek God Apollo, is known as the God of Women & Music. Tzz plans to live up his Apollo persona by making sure every record he touches if of perfection.