“Hey, Pandora!” Voice Mode Smart Assistant Now Available to All Pandora App Users

Pandora just announced – availability of its Voice Mode smart assistant feature for all Pandora app users on iOS and Android across all tiers of service. It was first announced in January at CES and rolled out to a limited number of users.

Voice Mode combines advanced voice-recognition and Natural Language Processing technology with Pandora’s Music Genome Project personalization technology, allowing users to control the Pandora app hands-free and discover new music and podcasts with the sound of their voice.

Millions of users have experienced Pandora with voice control on smart products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but Voice Mode is Pandora’s native, full-featured voice experience that’s built right into the app, capable of responding to natural, conversational, or contextual commands like “Play some happy music” or “Add this to my party playlist” or “What song is this?”

S – http://blog.pandora.com/us/new-voice-mode-smart-assistant-now-available-to-all-users/