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Quality Control’s next up rap star Marlo just dropped the perfect summer vibe video for his single “Soakin Wet (feat. City Girls, Offset)” from the anticipated compilation Control The Streets Volume 2 that drops on August 16th. Much more to come from him this year…

Polyamorous gay troubadour, Tom Goss release new single

Quote About “Quayside”: “‘Quayside’ explores an entirely new set of boundaries that I encountered when visiting my lover at his home (on a Quayside in London) for the first time. I was concerned about being respectful to him, and his public (or normal life with his husband) while still being in love with my husband.” – Tom Goss

Madonna Releases Visually-Stunning Video “Batuka” From Madame X

“Batuka” is inspired by Batuque, a style of music created by the women that originated from Cape Verde. Condemned by the church for what was considered an act of rebellion, the female slaves were then forbidden to drum. But the inspiring and powerful women continued their singing and dancing, and the Batuque lives on today.

Bring On The Summer with MORAN’s New Single “Are You Happy?” Featuring DJ BrainDead

Israeli pop artist Moran has taken on a new collaboration with famed producer DJ BrainDead (Tony Touch, Seany B, Anggun, Matt Pokora, and Wyclef Jean) for “Are You Happy?” Remix. The original track was a successful collaboration with longtime producer Guy Mar of the famous Israeli band Hadag Nahash. “Are You Happy?” dives into the flurry of emotions at the end of a relationship and with DJ BrianDead’s expertise, it becomes a high-energy dance track.

Serena Foster Releases Her Dreamy Music Video Today

Dreamy, hazy and sun-drenched, Serena Foster’s song aptly named “I <3 CA” is an elegant homage to all that is beautiful in California, a state that seems to have a never-ending summer with its gorgeous beaches and equally beautiful weather that undeniably inspires anyone visiting or living there.

Rel McCoy & Moka Only rhyme about “Getting By”

For single number five, Rel McCoy represents and keeps it live. This new serving of soul food is essentially a gratitude journal that reads like excerpts of appreciation lovingly scribed on really fancy paper.


“It was important to me that we touched on everyday scenes that aren’t uncommon to see when we take a look at happenings in Jamaica. I wanted the video to be grounded in our everyday reality. The video director Ruption really understood the vision and came up with the idea to capture a lot of the scenes using a ‘God’s Eye’ point of view. It was a vibe,” Protoje says about the visual.

Philly trio GREAT TIME release the funky dance-pop single “Rushin”

Philadelphia oddball trio GREAT TIME premiered they’re groovy new single, “Rushin”, with a stutter-step video on The 405. “‘Rushin’ bridges the sonic gap between Thundercat and Men I Trust.” Writer Sean Kayden wrote. The triad infuses an assortment of sonic accents ranging from funk, soul, and dance-pop, with the airy, eclectic endeavor offering up jazzy arrangements, groovy bass lines, and Prince-style weeping melodies.”

BRKN LOVE Drop New Song “Papercuts” – On Tour This Summer w/ Dinosaur Pile Up & More

As they near half-a-million streams —an unbelievable feat for a brand new rock band on the rise — BRKN LOVE return with their new single “Papercuts.” The track is propelled by a wild beat, robotically precise riffing and the howling hook of “another papercut.” Singer and guitarist Justin Benlolo slips from primal verses into a vulnerable bridge before pouncing back on the arena-ready track. BRKN LOVE cut as deep as all timeless rock should. Watch out as they have all the makings of the rock band you have been waiting for. Listen to the new track HERE.

New Album // Tony Harrah – “Unicorns”

Tony Harrah’s Facebook bio simply reads: “Honest family man and lover of bourbon and scotch.” It might sound silly if it weren’t so damn true.

The West Virginia-based thirty-eight year old, bearded, single father of three wrestles all that’s best about Americana music past and present into something entirely engaging: a winsome effort that feels and breathes, emoting in every acoustic or electric chord and mildly Springsteen-esque intonation.


“Craig Stickland has one of those rare voices that stops you and speaks directly to your soul.” – Baeble Music

Magic City Hippies Share “What Would I Do” Track | Playing Lollapalooza, Tour Starts Next Month, ‘Modern Animal’ LP Out 8/16

“Building from a spare and atmospheric intro, ‘SPF’ is an immediate earworm, but it takes nearly a minute before letting its hair down. But once the rubbery bass takes center-stage, with an ass-shaking drum part filling in the background, the song kicks into overdrive. It isn’t difficult to imagine ‘SPF’ soundtracking some sweaty dance parties this summer.” – The 405

New Music Release: Gregory Sutton “Bordertown Conspiracy” This Sunday

Recording started in spring 2018 at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, with Kevin Becka and the students of The Blackbird Academy in Studio A, on the famous Neve 8078 console formerly owned by Motown L.A. Studios and later by Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen. “It was a huge thrill to use this legendary mixer; you can hear the tonality and texture of many famous songs created on it showing through on these new tracks,” says Sutton. “There are definitely ghosts in the machine.” Additional performances were captured at The Press Recording Studio in Stockton, Calif. Famed mix engineer Stephen Hart mixed all of the Nashville-based tracks, with Matt Young, Diego Ayala and Gregory Sutton mixing additional songs recorded in California.

Christine Renner – “Tonight”

Her songs are filled with deep emotions, poetic imagery, romantic story telling, triumph and tragedy with an undercurrent of hope that runs the spectrum of human experience. Sometimes joyful and playful, sometimes lost and melancholy, but never monotonous or boring.

Christine released her first single “Tonight” on Friday July 12th taken from her forthcoming EP of the same name.