Trav Torch Presents “Drake Sh!t”

“Love You Down”, “Red Bull and Hennessy”, “Quarter Tank Of Gas”, “Bachelor Life”: if there’s one thing we know about Trav Torch, it’s that he knows how to make things steamy. This R&B crooner knows how to create a scene that’s sensual and intoxicating, but it’s not just physical. The Newark, NJ native writes songs that are romantic and honest, with the skill to bring out the emotional side of human sexuality.

Though he started out as a rapper when he was only 13, Trav Torch made the full switch to R&B in his mid-twenties. A true student of the genre, with his hypnotizing beats and catchy hooks, he takes cues from the greats – but always writes and arranges his own material, and often records and mixes it himself, too. Following the Rated R mixtape and several singles, he released his debut album, Bachelor Life, in January of this year.

Trav Torch’s latest visual is for “Drake Sh!t” off the Bachelor Life album. Once again, he’s putting his heart on his sleeve as he sings about loneliness and missing his girl. Alcohol won’t help, and even though everyone around him says it won’t work out, he can’t help but feel a hole in his heart. Directed by Kim Cas, for the “Drake Sh!t” video we see Trav Torch in two locations: first, on the waterfront, and alternately in an empty warehouse. Whether he’s looking [right at the camera] or gazing wistfully at something in the distance, one thing is clear: life isn’t the same without his lady. He says about “Drake Sh!t”, “”The song is based on a true story and is something almost everyone can relate to… feeling powerless to get over someone who isn’t right for you. I had to channel those feelings in the video to make sure the final product was authentic and believable.”