New Video By J Fontaine “Que Lo Que”

“I can’t think of a place that I would rather be then at night under festive lights with some light Spanish guitar music and a warm summer breeze and I am hoping that this song captures that essence.” – J Fontaine

It’s not hard to fathom that the Urban culture can influence various people from all walks of life but some might have to do a double take when that individual is of Italian descent and is so immersed within the culture he might be mistaken for a poser. Yet J. Fontaine, who is Pennsylvania born and Jersey bred, knows the uphill battle that awaits, but doesn’t let the criticisms of outsiders worry him, especially when those assessments are only skin deep. While it’s easy for one to claim they live this life, J. Fontaine has the proof to back up such a declaration.

He emerged on the scene as break-dancer, His crew made a name for themselves including bookings of national campaigns, commercials as well as music video appearances. Now while Fontaine loved to break-dance, he was even more passionate when it came to feeding his creative capabilities and that hunger combined with his dissatisfaction of DJs’ music selections in the clubs eventually led him to experiment with blending different beats on turntables. His record collection began to increase as he took a deeper interest in the art of music making. He would then play with the verses, often rapping along with records while creating his own wordplay in the process. In attempts to better his techniques and craft, Fontaine began reading some material not only on music but the industry as a whole. He put forth his communication skills and started networking and associating himself with elite members of the industry. His networking became so serious that with a few phone calls, he could reach who ever needed to be reached and a couple of those calls led J. Fontaine to record his first few tracks with contestants that were featured on American Idol.