Dave Munsick Presents ‘I Can Fly’ – Off of upcoming album ‘Songteller’

Optimism rests at the heart and soul of Dave Munsick’s unique Americana of “I Can Fly”. Full of such dazzling color the song opts for a spry tempo to lead it along. Arrangements have a great poignancy to them at times both drawing from a 70s singer-songwriter style as well as contemporaries like Lambchop. By nicely combining both the old and the new Dave Munsick crafts a track that feels timeless. The arrangement has a great deal of color while he incorporates so many instruments in such a lowkey fashion. Such a mellowed approach works wonders for the piece which lingers in the mind long after the song has ended.

Easily the highlight of the entire track comes from Dave Munsick’s assured vocals. With a subtle joy to them he sings from a life lived most fully. The sheer hope that radiates throughout gives it a sunny disposition. Reflective to its very core, the song explores the complicated emotions involved with trying to find something greater, with trying to embrace hope. Never an easy thing, Dave Munsick does the journey justice while it slowly builds and builds over the course of the song. Melodies are elaborated upon in such small yet significant ways.

Not a moment is wasted for he dives right into the groove. The tempo has a spaciousness to it allowing the guitars to truly glisten. Really though, the piece kicks into high-gear with the introduction of his reassuring vocals. The piano serves as punctuation, adding to the overall emotional impact of the piece. Keenly balanced the song has a completive quality to it while it looks forward. Remarking upon the slow yet steady march towards a better life, the song’s patience proves to be an important ally. Throughout the piece Dave Munsick makes sure that every single element comes into place in such a careful fashion, for by the end it feels so easy and effortless.

“I Can Fly” shows off the uncanny chops of Dave Munsick crafting something that has such a delicate deliberate cadence to it, of looking back on a life and looking forward to what comes next