9 Important Factors to Select Deck Storage Boxes

Deck storage boxes are highly beneficial for various reasons, from saving space down to keeping your items safe. However, not all deck storage boxes are made for you, with many different factors to consider for your individual preference. With that being said, how will you know which deck storage box to choose and how?

Read on as I show you nine factors you need to know about selecting the right deck storage boxes.

Selecting the Right Deck Storage Boxes

Don’t worry; buying deck storage boxes good for your needs won’t take weeks of contemplation. Just learn about these important factors and you can narrow down your choices quickly. With that said, make sure to check these features and see which one suits you most:

What’s It Made Of?

This is the FIRST thing you should consider from your list because it’s what makes or breaks your storage box! After all, you wouldn’t want something made of flimsy material that easily breaks from weather conditions.

I recommend that you get deck storage boxes made with quality wood, high-density polyethylene plastic, and/or wicker resin. I also suggest they have the waterproof finish which can further lengthen its lifespan and strength to last.

How Much Is It?

Deck storage boxes vary in prices, all depending on the size, make, and the features it offers. You can find basic storage boxes starting at around $40, with larger boxes with good security ranging between $100 to $150. For extra quality, it can go up to $300!

I don’t suggest you overspend and get the most expensive one but avoid scrimping as well. Find the middle ground and know what you can afford for a cost-effective and quality box. That’s when you can begin narrowing down your choices.

Is It Compact and Space-Saving?

Consider the space you have for the deck storage box and the items you’ll want to put in it. If you’re looking to save space, you can choose containers which fit in tight areas. Make sure to measure the space you can allow for the storage box and invest in the ones that match your size.

The Aesthetic Appeal

You also need to consider the design your deck has, especially if you’re keen in aesthetics and looks. Fortunately, deck storage boxes come in different designs to suit any style, from traditional to modern patios. Some even come with cushions so you can use it as a cute seat AND extra storage space for more convenience.

Transport and Portability

Sometimes, you’ll need to move areas or will want to relocate the deck storage box if needed. If you plan to move it a lot for various reasons, then consider how easy it is to bring around. I recommend that you go for boxes that are lightweight and compact, either with handles or wheels for easy transporting.

How Do You Organize In It?

Don’t forget that deck storage boxes are for storing your items, so the insides of it need to be functional! The best deck boxes offer simple setups that are easy to understand and with well-organized shelves. That way, you can put all your tools or equipment away knowing which area in the box it goes.

The Security Features

You’ll be placing your deck storage box outdoors, and theft is an important concern to consider! That’s why it’s best to have a box that comes with security features to prevent your items from being stolen. Consider getting boxes with lockable lids, quick access, and closing, as well as extra durability to keep it locked even after damage.

Is It User-Friendly?

The easier and comfortable it is to handle, the more worthy the purchase and less hassle to use.

I like deck storages that have a spring hinge lid for easier opening and closing, no more worrying about wasting time. I also like padlock design systems to prevent any injuries or accidents when handling the storage box!

Good UV Protection

Your deck storage box will most likely be placed outdoors, so it’ll meet all types of weather conditions. From the snow, rain, down to the burning rays of the sun, you need to ensure it’s protected from all of it! That’s why I recommend that you get boxes with UV protection to prevent wearing out and risking damage to your tools inside.

Wrapping It Up

Big purchases like deck storage boxes require research before getting the perfect one suitable for your needs. With that said, it isn’t that difficult choosing one as long as you’re familiar with the factors to consider!

I hope my article on how to select the right deck storage boxes helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and get more info on storage boxes now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences in buying deck storage boxes, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!