#tgif edition – @skopemag news for july 12, 2019 @ 11 am est

Air Apparent premiere “Sorry” feat. Krysta Youngs via Born Music

San Francisco-based AIR APPARENT premiered “Sorry,” the latest from the synth-pop project’s upcoming Color Dreams EP, via Born Music earlier today.

Featuring singer Krysta Youngs fresh off a songwriting stint with K-Pop sensation BTS, “Sorry” is AIR APPARENT mastermind Neil Sethi at his most pop-minded and soaring, making “a solid dark horse bid for that song you’re gonna want to have on repeat by a pool this summer,” according to Born Music.

Premiere: AIR APPARENT – Sorry

Neuromantics – ‘Clarity’ Single Release

“Neuromantic’s third single ‘Clarity’ blends intricately woven guitar melodies, feel good vocals, smooth reverberating bass and groovy drum lines to create a catchy, edgy, and memorable tune. Frontman Daniel Pye says “Clarity encourages a path centred on facing your fears and inner demons, exploring and making the most of the opportunities that come along in life, and having the strength to engage in the life for you, not society’s expectations of who or what you should be”.

The track is accompanied by an official music video that cuts between the evening adventures of two strikingly different yet potentially closely intertwined individuals whose respective evenings slowly turn sour until a chance encounter brings them together. The video poignantly incorporates dreamlike flash-forward sequences of a possible alternate life together as the characters navigate the struggles, pain, and uncertainty of their present reality.

Clarity combines intelligent melodic layers, memorable lyrics, and careful attention to detail to ultimately forge another strong track from this emerging outfit.”

The Standby (Erie, PA) Debut New Song/Video (“Constant Nausea”); Single Streaming Everywhere on July 12

Erie PA emo/indie rock trio The Standby have unveiled their latest single and music video “Constant Nausea.”

Jordan Sigmund (guitar, vocals) says, “When we finished writing Constant Nausea, I immediately recognized it as the sound I’d been searching for in this band. To me Constant Nausea is quintessential (The) Standby right now, and we’ve been beyond stoked to show what we’re about.”


Grandma on “Elastic”: “One rainy day in Atlanta, Hanzo came over to my house and while I was looking for a project to work on I came across a beat I made a while ago. He insisted on getting his hands on it. Moments later he sends back the beat break you can here from 1:15 through the last verse. We splice his version back with the original and record vocals right then and there. That was the birth of Elastic, a song about online relationships and never worrying.”

French pop entity Las Aves drop glittery-pink bop ‘F That S’ + album announcement      

French pop entity Las Aves emanates from glittery-pink waters with sophomore full-length ‘I’ll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It’ – a direct (and succeeded) attempt at explaining the obscurities of generation Z romance.

Partly produced by notable Brit Geoff Swan (Charli XCX – ‘Pop 2’, ‘Number 1 Angel’, Grimes – ‘Art Angels’), the new album is a glittery-pink hybrid of happy-hardcore and pop.


From the very first beat of “Fall Apart,” anyone familiar with Pumarosa can tell that a transformation has taken place. With a fast drum’n’bass inspired tattoo beating urgently beneath a sawing riff and a wide, synthesised expanse, this is a dramatic evolution from the band’s more guitar-driven debut, The Witch. Digging deeper into electronic influences ranging from Aphex Twin and Autreche to old jungle tunes, the shock of “Fall Apart” mirrors the irreversible shift in Pumarosa’s own circumstances: shattering diagnoses, new beginnings and a strange optimism – the promise of what can be built only after total annihilation – all fed into a record that feels like an exhilarating affirmation of life.


The track appears on his recently released six-track EP Orange. The EP features previously released tracks “Nuisance” and “Makeup,” which garnered over 1 million streams in the first month of its release. Both tracks follow his previously released tracks “Round n Round” feat. Sprite Lee (15+ million streams), “Drive My Car” (14+ million streams) and “19” (9+ million streams). He also appeared on Lil Skies’ “Nowadays” and “Red Roses,” which both garnered over 250 million streams individually.


“Shake is a shape shifting vocalist, able to instinctively channel the angst of emo, the tenderness of gospel, and the emotionality of R&B.” – PITCHFORK

Lykke Li releases ‘two nights part ii’ with Skrillex & Ty Dolla $ign

Today, LA-based, Swedish vocalist, producer, and songwriter Lykke Li releases a brand new remix of her song “two nights” titled “two nights part ii” with Skrillex and Ty Dolla $ign. This is the second track off of her forthcoming EP still sad still sexy, a collection of new music and remixes slated for release on June 26th via RCA Records.

New Kool Keith Album Released / prod. The Beatnuts’ Psycho Les

It’s been more than forty years since Kool Herc starting throwing parties in the South Bronx, and so you could forgive the casual fan for thinking that nearly every permutation of hip-hop has already been explored. But KEITH, the new album from the iconic rapper Kool Keith and the master producer Psycho Les (due out July 12 on Mello Music Group) argues just the opposite: that what’s absurdly funny can also be sinister and strange, that the form can still be broken in new and radical ways.

Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus feat. Young Thug & Mason Ramsey “Old Town Road (Remix)” Out Now

The cultural phenomenon that is “Old Town Road” feat. Billy Ray Cyrus has achieved Diamond status and continues to lead the Billboard Hot 100 for the 14th consecutive week. It is now officially the longest running Hot 100 hip-hop single of all time and the first song in history to sell 10,000,000 copies while remaining No.1 on Billboard. The star-studded music video for the track has exceeded 200 Million views since release in May.


Atlantic recording artist Josie Dunne has released the official music video for “Ooh La La,” streaming now via Josie’s YouTube channel. The video, directed by Bree Marie Fish, finds Josie using a “memory extractor” to try to erase a relationship and saw its premiere earlier today via Billboard, who declared, “With Dunne’s quirky humor, it’s a charming display of the singer’s charisma and her ability to move on.”


Starting today through September 8, fans can visit SparkTheBeat.com to download a unique sample track created by Quality Control Music artist Lil Baby, the creative mind behind the certified platinum debut album, “Harder Than Ever.” In fact, since the 2018 release, every project Lil Baby has released has hit RIAA Gold or Platinum status, and with 9 billion plus streams to his name, in only 2 years’ time, the Atlanta rapper has raised the bar with his real talk and infectious hooks.

DEAD IS THE CAT Share New Single

Dead Is The Cat share “For All We Know”, the title-track of their upcoming debut album, due August 30th.

This. Is. The. One. An indie-rock blowout, crafted from dusty vinyls dug out of strip mall record stores and decades of suburban angst left festering by the central Florida bayous. This is the sound of a band sweating it out in a garage while they toil to find the sound that is theirs. Both sides of the cat are on display here; the gentle melancholy and the outrageous groove. It’s a particularly special one for the band, songwriter and drummer Statler Gause describes it as “my favorite from the album. It sucks you in from the beginning and it just feels good from start to finish.” Keeping the bands unabashed honesty up-front, he adds, “Some people pointed out that the chords are similar to ‘1979’ by Smashing Pumpkins, to them I fart in their general direction.”


“…vocalist (and bassist) Ned Westrick’s punk yells are even more raw and incinerating on this new song, providing jolts of high-voltage electricity all by themselves. The song also hammers and pounds just as brutally as the title track, with the kind of rhythmic power (and mammoth low-end tone) that leaves a listener no choice but to move, interspersed with some brief stop-start breaks that make the starts sound like bombs going off. The riffs are dirty and daunting, and at times downright demented, but revert to rapid chugging grooves that are irresistible (spiced with miserable little leads).” ~ No Clean Singing


Germ drops new video “UDIGG”

“For someone who was convinced he’d never be a rapper, Atlanta native Germ sure jumped in the game and ran with it.” – XXL

ILUKA returns another hit of melodic greatness in new single, ‘Fall Apart Again’

Continuing to demonstrate versatility and a knack for constructing immersive, dreamy indie soundscapes, Sydney artist ILUKA returns with a bright new single in ‘Fall Apart Again’. Another stride forward from the songwriter and musician for 2019, ‘Fall Apart Again’ is ILUKA at her melodic best. Combining soaring guitars with airy synths, leaving her vocal to charge forward and shine, ILUKA shimmers on the track as she navigates a narrative built on an emotional tug o’ war.

New Music From Alexander 23 “Sad” Out Now On Interscope Records

L.A. based, rising pop artist, Alexander 23 releases lyric video for his new track, “Sad” today. The melancholy song is the fourth release from the newcomer, “Sad is about the challenges of someone you love battling mental health issues. The line between helping and hurting can become so thin” says Alexander 23 of the track.

SURVIVE New Single/Official Video For ‘Degenerate’

The track Degenerate features footage from the Survive gig at Cyclone in Shibuya (Tokyo) which took place earlier in 2019. “My enemy is you, but my enemy is also myself. I’ve been fighting all my life, and that’s the only thing one can do” says the frontman and singer/guitarist of the band, Nemo – “I believe there’s a devil inside all of us, and I wanted to express this aspect of human nature… We’re often torn between our inner demon and our good side. While most people blame everything on society, in most cases the real enemy is within ourselves. This is why this track is called Degenerate.”

Camelphat and Jake Bugg unveil video for ‘Be Someone’ starring Charley Palmer Rothwell

Featuring British actor Charley Palmer-Rothwell best known for his role in Dunkirk, the video for ‘Be Someone’ follows twin brothers who are trying to make a name for themselves and ‘be someone’ through very different means – one a cult leader, the other a rockstar – but both experiencing the highs and lows of worship, leadership, fame and loneliness.

NEW SINGLE – Platinum Selling One Bit Returns With ‘Back To You’ Ft Laura White, Out Today.

‘Back To You’ epically transcends into a thumping house anthem that’s lead by Laura’s impeccable soulful vocal. The track uses the iconic melodies of classic dance tune “Anthem” by N Joi, which gives a fresh dose of 90s rave nostalgia. White established herself as an exceptional songwriter having co-wrote Grammy nominated ‘New York Raining’ by Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora and ‘Love On Me’ by Galantis which she also features on – the track has reached over 200 million Spotify streams.

REZZ recruits Deathpact for searing ‘Kiss of Death’ | ‘Beyond The Senses’ EP out 24th July

Today, REZZ shares “Kiss Of Death,” the searing third single from her ‘Beyond The Senses’ EP, out 24th July. Featuring frequent collaborator Deathpact, the song’s syncopated melodies, thumping drum pads and scintillating synths transport listeners beyond their senses on a captivating ride through REZZ’s dark intensity.

CLEAR – ‘Somnium’ Single

Heavily Influenced by the likes of French electronic band M83, renowned Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, and San Diego rock band Switchfoot, CLEAR’s compositions are unique and experiment with genre, while her vocals and vibes bring artists like New Zealander Broods and Lorde to mind.

Wave Racer returns with new single ‘Summer Rain’ ft Kwame

“I am unspeakably lucky to be creating and releasing music again, and to be doing it with the very same team that has been with me since day one is such a privilege,” Wave Racer explains. “As managers, Astral People took me from my bedroom to global audiences, and have had the faith and fortitude to stick with me through each and every challenge that has presented itself over the last six years.”