New Video: Gypsy Temple – “King Youngblood”

Civil unrest is everywhere. Our world’s youth scramble for answers to some of our most daunting problems like climate change and the ever dividing political landscape. Gypsy Temple, a revelrous band known as King Youngblood is calling on all loyal houses and bannermen to ride with them into the perilous future to remind the world that “there is always honor in the fight for truth, beauty, and justice”

This homemade visual captures a great fantasy setting despite it being made on a shoestring budget. Gypsy Temple ties their band’s message of poetic unrest and resistance with Game Of Thrones themes and the two go together like House Stark and a litter of dire wolves.

This music video lays the final path towards the release of their debut King Youngblood EP released June 1:

The band name’s song “Gypsy Temple” boldly embraces Cam’s nomadic yet joyously creative heritage. “Up Becomes Down was written about a dear friend who was and maybe still is going through a hard time dealing with transgender and gender fluid issues coupled with depression.” Explains Lavi-Jones, “The line ‘Whenever up becomes down’ / I will always be here holding your crown – inspired our entire HOLD YOUR CROWN youth mental health project.” Gypsy Temple are openly and deeply involved with the National Association for Mental Illness’ outreach to the schools youth mental health. NAMI has approved Gypsy Temple as the face of their youth outreach program End the Silence on the national level. This from the same band, who in the fall of November 2018, received a grant from the League of Women Voters and performed for over 80 high schools to register over 3200 youth to vote. Gypsy Temple walks the activist talk as committedly as their musical focus.