Queen of Carolina Country, Paige King Johnson’s “Water Down The Whiskey”

Quote from Paige: “Water Down The Whiskey” is a song about the hard part of relationships – the breaking up part. And it’s just from the point of view of the one who knows their heart is about to get broken; it’s the sassy, “I’ll be okay, but just go ahead and get it over with” side. It was written by myself and a Nashville co-writer, Mike Astrachan. It was the first time I had ever written with Mike and I knew immediately after writing this song that it was the beginning of a great working relationship! We’ve since written 5 other songs that I also really love. He’s a great songwriter and really took my idea for this song to a new level that I loved so much!”

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S – https://soundcloud.com/paige-johnson-667815499