San Francisco indie pop duo New Spell – ‘Where You Are’

“Music is really magical to me—it’s motivational and it’s a way to connect,” shares Leanne Kelly, primary songwriter of New Spell. “When I was thinking of band names, I wanted something that conveyed music as having this mysterious force.”

Today, the San Francisco-based indie-pop duo announces the third installment of its Of Time EP series with the single Where You Are. This particular release is an important entry in New Spell’s catalog as its mesmerizing synth-based aesthetic points the way to the future of the group, who now operate officially as a two-piece plus a producer.

New Spell – which also features drummer Jacob Frautschi – is known for lavish indie-pop that has garnered favorable comparisons to Beach House, Chromatics, Goldfrapp, and Psychic Twin. The group released its first EP in 2011, but rebooted in 2016, transitioning from an indie band format into its current sleek, electro-tinged edition. New Spell still relies on its sharp, pop-informed songwriting, but it artfully textures these compositions with layers of synth bass, glitchy passages, and a rich tapestry of vibey vintage and modern synth sounds.

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