How to Throw a Successful Summer Barbecue Bash

The hot summer days are here, and everyone is itching to fire up the barbecue. For bands looking to get greater exposure, this creates the perfect opportunity to draw a crowd with a summer bash. However, throwing a summer barbecue bash, especially one that will turn a profit, can take a great deal of planning to make successful. Here are a few essentials to consider to really hit it off with the fans and have them coming back for more next summer.

Seating and Activities

It is important to have adequate seating and to provide activities at any summer barbecue bash. Sure, people are coming for the food, but it is always a great idea to have some engaging activities to get guests interacting and having fun. Sometimes old classics like horseshoes, yard darts, a football or even a trusty frisbee can liven up the party. Of course, the main activity will be mingling and music, so you should ensure that there are plenty of spaces to relax and listen to the bands playing.


As mentioned, the one thing that really makes a summer barbecue bash worth the effort is to get live bands to perform for the event. Giving each band a couple of different time slots allows for a good rotation with a mix of talent to keep things sounding fresh. It may even be a good idea to rent a PA system to make sure everyone can hear the bands clearly. If you don’t have enough bands to play for the duration of the party, you can hire a DJ to fill the breaks with old favorites or the albums of the bands playing.

Have Great Meat Catering

To take the guess work out of what to prepare for guests, it is a good idea to hire someone to cater the event. It is important to find out ahead of time what kinds of meat the catering company will use. Steaks such as those from Z Prime Steakhouse can be a major party favorite, depending on the audience you wish to draw. Take the time to schedule out in advance, however, to ensure that your desired caterer will be available on the day you need.

Hold Prize Drawings

To add more excitement to a summer bash, consider having prize drawings. It is always fun to win something in a drawing—especially if it is a classy gift. You can get donations of swag from the bands playing, or buy gift baskets and, depending on your budget, pricier items like headphones or even tv’s. Something as simple as an autographed album or an exclusive t-shirt can leave lasting memories, however, and work well as a fun party prize. 

A summer bash is a great place for fans and musicians to meet and party together, and good food and good music can create great memories for both. Take the time to ensure that your guests will be well accommodated with seating, food, and activities that drive up the hype of the crowd. Doing so will ensure that your guests feel satisfied with the admission price and be excited to come back with friends the following years.