New Video By JayQ The Legend “Body Talk”

Former US Marine coming to from New Orleans, JayQ seamlessly combines hip-hop and pop to make music that embraces the joys and pains of life. His authentic, raw style, combined with his deep, sensual vocals, commands and focuses your attention; the enigma, however, that is JayQ, draws you in deep, implores you to explore and move with him.

The new hit single “Body Talk” was co-written by himself and Grammy Winner Soko7 (Drunk In Love, Beyonce and Jay-Z). His debut EP will be released in NYC on June 15th. . The soul-filled body of work captures the essence and realness of classic relationship woes. “Body Talk” brilliantly articulates the sexual tension that exists within a passion-filled argument with one’s lover; it gives a fresh, new look at the struggles lovers have, the need to strive for mutual respect, and the importance of not exacerbating negativity by empowering “Body Language Talk”.