@skopemag news for june 25, 2019 @ 1 pm est

Little Wise releases new single – Devil off my Back

We all have our devils – the demons that hold us back from being the best versions of ourselves. The importance of trying to fight these devils is what songwriter Sophie Klein, AKA Little Wise is tackling with her latest single Devil off my Back. The chorus serves as a mantra of hope for this universal feeling, and an encouragement to keep trying and opposing that negativity.

NYC Vaporwave Artist FANTAZMZ Releases DEBUT Single “The Mall”

“The Mall” began as a beat I put together in 2017. The concept and lyrics were developed in colaboration with New York writer for theater and screen, Ross Wade. While the song is surreal, it is also relatable. Upon first listen, it sounds like a simple pop song. Its perspective is of someone working a dead-end job in retail with a hardcore crush on a fellow employee. This ties in with Vaporwave themes of consumerism and young love nostalgia. When the listener becomes aware of what the song is really about its complexity is enhanced. A de- partment store mannequin is arranged to face another. “He” love’s the other mannequin but is unable to move or express his feelings. The other mannequin isn’t facing him and doesn’t even know he exists. The double enten-dres used throughout the chorus sound poetic when applied to the former interpretation, but quite literal in the latter:

Wish that I could help it but I’m helpless standing petrified. Otherwise I’d make the first move. In the latest style with a smile painted on my mouth. Can I be real? A hollowness is filling me.

Zsuzsika Lences – ‘Gonna Be Alright (ft. Jacob Smooth) Single

Zsuzsika’s single series continues with the release of Gonna Be Alright ft. Jacob Smooth, her third release that is contributes further to the conversation around resilience and inspiration.


With over 1 million streams already across previous solo tracks and support from Kiss Fresh and 1xtra for most recent single ‘Murda’ – today producer and songwriter Claye drops the video to his new track ‘Forever’, which is taken from forthcoming album which will follow in the autumn.

New Jens Carelius single “All I Know”

The track is from his upcoming debut album ‘Opsi’ that chronicles the adventures of Carelius’ great-great-grandfather in Eastern Siberia in the 1800s. An entomologist by trade, Fritz “Opsi” Doerries documented over 50,000 specimens of fascinating butterflies – many of them never-before-studied. His findings can today be found in museums all over the world and he even has a species of pygmy woodpecker named after him as it was first discovered in Siberia.

Ferris & Sylvester release video for new single ‘Flying Visit’

Critically acclaimed duo Ferris & Sylvester have released the video for their new single ‘Flying Visit’.

Filmed in stark black and white, the video captures the pair performing to an empty village hall, interjected with moments of stillness, isolation and loneliness.

Martian Subculture Premieres “Hard To Remember” Via New Noise Magazine

From his base in Ireland’s Limerick City, Martian Subculture creates leftfield, lo-fi psych rock. An eerie, restrained vocal is surrounded by kooky, comatose guitars on tracks that oscillate between themes of love, loneliness and interplanetary exploration. Recorded alone in a bedroom studio, Martian Subculture introduces debut single “I’ll Be Gold” as a unexpected invitation into a new sonic universe.

Song Premiere: Martian Subculture – “Hard To Remember”

Dan Moxon – Where You Gonna Sleep Tonight?

“This is really just a song about the push and pull of modern relationships. Not wanting to call it quits but struggling with the day to day distractions, busy lives and the trust between partners.”

Rachel Taylor of He Is We Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault by a Jury Trial

Rachel Taylor, lead vocalist of indie pop act He Is We, has officially received a verdict of not guilty, exonerating her of the Sexual Assault allegation from 2017. The verdict followed a one-day jury trial held on June 4, 2019 in Jamestown, North Dakota. The verdict, which certified Taylor’s innocence of the criminal charge of Sexual assault, was met with a feeling of gratefulness and vindication by Taylor who had maintained her innocence since the charge was levied against her in September of 2017.

Rachel Taylor of He Is We Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault by a Jury Trial

G-Eazy releases three new songs in ‘B-Sides’ series

G-Eazy releases ‘B-Sides’ consisting of three songs beginning a series of releases where he will share songs from his current work in the studio that he’s excited about but that will not be on the forthcoming album. He reunites with long time collaborator Christoph Andersson for an introspective track, “Spectacular Now” where we hear G sing for one of the first times, “It’s Eazy” produced by P-Lo (a nod to the Bay area) and “Bang” ft. Tyga, a classic G-Eazy summer party track. G-Eazy also just announced his headlining spot at Rolling Loud festival in his hometown of Oakland, CA this September, following a memorable half-time performance at Game 6 of the NBA Finals in support of the Golden State Warriors.