Panteón Rococó Releases ‘Infiernos’

Mexican Ska is a sound that has its roots from mainstream rock. Panteon Rococo have been a mainstay in the Mexican Ska scene from their early days in Mexico City. With a huge following in Mexico and Europe, this hugely creative group has released over eight albums. Their latest body of work is titled ‘Infiernos’ and gives their fans even more of their vibrance, culture and bold songwriting style.

Sticking to the formula that has brought them critical acclaim in the Ska scene, Panteon Rococo has done extremely well to still be relevant since their debut in the 1990’s. Changing their style when needed, ‘Infiernos’ is a colorful picture of where the band is today, making headway in a music scene that is dominated by Hip Hop and Pop. If you are a Ska lover, then you won’t be a stranger to Panteon Rococo’s ska-punk style.

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Even if this is your first Ska experience and you don’t speak Spanish, you will appreciate the energy that is evident in all their songs. From ‘Miradas’ to title track ‘Infiernos’ and crowd favorite ‘Botellas,’ the album is sure to rock any dance floor all night long. ‘Tus Demonios’ features Andres Ciro Martinez and is also enjoying attention from Ska aficionados. If you are a fan of the tex-mex rock and roll style, then ‘Quersto Que’lotro’ will be right down your alley. The production of this album is excellent, and every beat and note come through cleanly and beautifully. You can’t miss the horns and percussions that complement the sultry Latin vocals.

Summer time is a great time to start learning new categories of music and if you’re a ska lover, Panteon Rococo must definitely be on your summer hit list. The sounds of Mexico meddled with classic rock and that addictive Spanish energy is simply too exciting to ignore! Even if you’ve never liked it and are just looking for a great sound to bump to, you can’t go wrong with ‘Infiernos.’ You can find ‘Infiernos’ on most music streaming platforms like Spotify. Expect to be blown away by the musical mosaic that this group present and the undefeatable energy that Panteon Rococo radiates in their music.