New Album Released By Lonny Ziblat – ‘Dream Hunting’

Lonny Ziblat sculpts a timeless classic with the lush throwback sound of “Dream Hunting”. Recalling a late 60s early 70s singer-songwriter tradition, his lyricism has a profound thoughtful quality to it. With nods to everyone from the cool collected atmosphere of Paul Simon to the reflective communal spirit of James Taylor, it all comes together in a gorgeous way. By forgoing an easy linear path, the whole album works in its own unique emotional logic. Everything has a living breathing quality to it due to the deliberate stylistic choices, avoiding easy electronics for an organic instrumentation. The ebb and flow of the album further adds to its unique appeal for he sings with such crystal clarity and assurance.

Firmly rooted in a distinctly folk sound, Lonny Ziblat allows for a number of traditional elements into the mix even while he move the folk into a rather progressive take. Guitar work and vocals rest at the very heart of it. Allowing multiple layers into the mix ensures that the whole thing simply consumes the listener whole in the best possible way. The way the album swirls about in a perfectly crafted whole makes it akin to a grandiose journey. His pop instincts are exceptional too: for he keeps the sound quite thoughtful yet accessible at the same time, allowing a dream logic to permeate the pieces.



A gentle introduction comes with the pastoral beauty of the album opener “Healing”. The jazz-like lounge of “Outta Sign” opts for a bit of mysticism into the mix. Soothing rhythms roll through on the carefully crafted style of “Lost and Found”. Moodiness reigns supreme over the tenderness of “Another Day”. Elements of Vashti Bunyan appear on “Days of Peace (feat. Magdalena Golebiowska)”. Ghostly piano dances about on “Lady Witch”. Nimble guitars intermingle on the laid-back “Phony Baits”. Stripping things down to the essentials is the lovely arrangement of “Stuck” which brings the entirety of the album to a well-earned emotionally cathartic close.

A carefully constructed compassionate spirit resonates strongly through Lonny Ziblat’s “Dream Hunting” as he crafts a world that feels so familiar and so welcoming.