R.W. Roldan New Single / Video ‘The Color Of’

In a world of Taylor Swift and her ilk, long graduating from the Country genre into the more profitable pop domain, it’s really nice to see genuine folk, acoustic, and poetic Country music being made. Hopefully, fans will take note of those operating in bars, churches, and (God help us) coffee shops.

One such artist is R.W. Roldan and his song “The Color Of” with the accompanying music video. The lyrics are, well, lyrical. The song is linear and (thankfully) very traditional in many ways, perhaps most so, the low, slightly distorted guitar solo in the middle of the track. The song in and of itself does have a political bent with the lines “What makes the color of man’s skin a capital crime?” plus the narrative that goes along with it in the verses. But, the point of the song is somewhat more nuanced than a simple white-bad/other-good dichotomy and it really should be explored. – currentmusicthoughts.blogspot.com