Shreya Preeti releases ‘Romantic’

Based out of Minneapolis and Chicago, Shreya Preeti’s off-centre pop sound consistently showcases her expansive range with irrefutably catchy melodies and intimate songwriting. Defined by her soaring vocals in tandem with a refusal to be confined to the boundaries of one genre, Shreya continues to break the mould by seamlessly blending together elements of nostalgic 80’s pop with alternative rock and soul sounds to create her trademark style.

Spring single Think I’d Like to Be You caught ears and turned heads the world over, amassing over 75k streams on Spotify alone in its first two months; garnering placements on multiple of Spotify’s coveted editorial playlists as well as countless independent playlists.

“This record is a glimpse into the reality of a cynical romantic.” – Shreya Preeti

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