Juewett Bostick releases ‘Shades Of Blu’ (LP)

Juewett Bostick, pronounced Ju wet and going by “Ju” to those in his circle, is a unique artist with a lot of jazz and blues influence to arrive at his own modern brand of music. “Sound & Rhythm–Prelude” is a track from his latest album – Shades Of Blu, a release consisting of everything that’s still great about funk, r&b, soul, blues and jazz weaved together with infectious results. The track even includes lyrics about how these flavors are combined, which makes it easy to describe without giving too much away. It’s a story about the magic of the music and some old friends that connect on the same level.

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“Sound & Rhythm–Prelude” is a throwback with a fresh updated twist to keep a hook on the genres involved in Ju wet’s music on this great album full of ear candy. You can dance to it, but you can also kick back or cruise to this music and just appreciate the whole relaxed yet intensified approach. Ju wet is a player that compliments the song rather than standing out, but in the process his guitar playing shines like the consummate player he clearly is. And this is ever so matched by the enormously satisfying female vocal qualities delivered by whoever she is, which unfortunately is often the case when reviewing digital product.

Ju wet is an artist who likes to bring together what flows naturally and doesn’t result in contrived songwriting, it’s a pure and natural vibe he’s best for, and he does it by letting everyone connect and see what happens. It’s very organic but also well-arranged/mixed and mastered music you don’t find everyday like you used to. There is an ultimately modern sound in “Sound & Rhythm–Prelude” but it’s all done by the tried and true way of the past. You can hear that respect written all over it, and the credit goes to Ju wet himself for forming and branding his own combo-style in the process.

If you listen to the entire album and his previous material, you can hear for yourself how many flavors of music come together in the overall concept of Juewett Bostick. This particular-track exemplifies a lot of what I’m explaining, but if you want to know more it’s all to be heard on this album that can’t be described in just one track, but can lead you to the rest of this exceptionally good funky, jazz/blues driven artist. It will take you back and move you forward in just one listen.

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If you like a combo of all things funky, this track and the entire album is up anyone’s alley looking for fresh new music done the way it used to be done. It’s just so hard to deny a great thing when you hear it, so this artist and all his music comes recommended for the soul, as it’s as good as music gets no matter how you slice it, and it even rocks whenever it’s called for, which you can diminish from funk but never completely take away from it. In closing – Ju wet is a masterful artist without being a show-off, and his music only serves to prove it with top marks.

Gwen Waggoner

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