4 Behind the Scenes Details to Remember for Planning Your Next Block Party

There are lots of reasons to throw a block party. Maybe you are new to the neighborhood and are eager to meet people. Maybe you have lived in the community for a while and are interested in having a good time with your long-time neighbors. Maybe you’re just in the mood for a big celebration. Whatever the reason, it is important your block party is fun and organized. Here are some things to remember while you are planning for the big event:

Volunteers and City Permits
If you are interested in throwing a block party, you may need some help before, during, and after the big day. Decide what you need help with and plan accordingly. You can reach out to neighbors and friends and ask for their volunteer efforts. Also, it is essential to remember that some communities might require a city permit for a block party, especially if you plan to close your street off to traffic. Each community will have different requirements, so do your research and contact the required officials. Make sure you have solidified the date and time you plan on hosting the party before contacting volunteers or city officials.

Though portable restrooms might not be the first thing you think of when you think of block parties, they are an important staple for any outdoor event. Having portable restrooms will keep your neighbors from having to run back home for a quick restroom break. Instead, they will have the ease and access of a bathroom in the same vicinity the party is held. Be diligent in researching local companies and providers when looking for top-quality portable restrooms.

Once you have organized volunteers, received the proper permits, and planned the logistics, you can begin promoting your block party! You can create a Facebook page or hand deliver flyers to all your neighbors. Your block party will only be as successful as how well it is promoted. Keep this in mind as you reach out to your neighbors in anticipation of the big day.

Food and Drink
If you do not want to spend a lot of money on food and drinks, there is an easy solution: potluck. Encourage each neighbor to bring a special dish to the party. You can even create an online sign-up document to reduce the risk of your neighbors arriving with the same meal. You may also ask neighbors to bring their own beverages. Planning your block party as a potluck will eliminate the need to pay for pricey catering. Instead, you can focus on providing the fun.

Planning a block party does not need to be complicated or overwhelming. With a little organization and forethought, you can plan a fun-filled, successful party that your neighbors will remember for years to come.