Eljuri Presents ‘Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri’

This is the second album in a row where I didn’t understand all of the words due to the songs/lyrics being in Spanish, but yet again it doesn’t matter because the music speaks for itself. Eljuri is a NYC-based singer/songwriter with Ecuadorian roots and she brings global tastes and mass appeal on the new record. This seven-track recording is new-age Reggae music with a twist as Eljuri incorporates a ridiculous amount of elements such as: Reggae, rock, pop & funk along with Latin & Cuban dance rhythms. With no restraints in place, ‘Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Elijuri’ is a collection of fresh ‘n’ lively hooks and relevant issues.

Born Cecilia Villar Eljuri, Eljuri is a real, world-class artist and proves it with her fun & enriching music. The popular Reggae sound is the true inspiration and focal point behind the new record but it’s Reggae with a purpose. Eljuri said it best here, “Reggae music unites us… it takes away your troubles and makes you feel good. I want to spread the wisdom and rhythms of reggae across borders of culture, language, and nationality and give my voice to a force that can help create positive change.”

Stream – https://open.spotify.com/album/0xPTKWyNWwfCWsnBTTPzQr

The album starts up with a smooth feel & easy-breezy vibe with the title track as this mood carries on throughout the entire seven-song set. Other shining stars on this record would be the pristine vocals and stellar guitar strumming. Eljuri is actually referred to as one of the top Latinx guitar players in the world. I can attest to this after hearing Eljuri rock out some hellacious riffs on the album. She can definitely shred with the best of them but also has a set of pipes too. Eljuri sings with such poise and certainly impacts the listener with her alluring voice.

This is the fourth release for Eljuri as a solo artist and I’d say sky’s the limit for this eclectic performer/musician. ‘Resiste: La Colección Reggae de Eljuri’ is music to my ears and everything you could ask for in a global-minded, well-balanced album. You won’t be able to Resist the charm of Eljuri!


By Jimmy Rae (https://twitter.com/2JRae)