Soulful Aussie songstress, MEG MAC debuts new album, “HOPE”    

Following sell-out shows in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia Meg Mac releases her new mini album ‘Hope’; a powerful set of thoughtful and at times deeply personal missives.

Meg explains, “The songs on ‘Hope’ are influenced and informed by what was happening around me at the time of writing and recording. Music is always filtering through and though not directly influencing my songs they are somehow informing them. I was listening to Nina Simone’s ‘Piano’ album, Gill Scott Heron, Sam Cooke, and Patti Smith; powerful forces which impact on one’s sensibilities. There’s something about the strength, power, attitude, and values of these artists that I connect with”.

“This record was also indirectly informed by my past; I’d been reflecting on where I come from; particularly my Irish background, the music and singing that constantly filled my home – Irish music, soul music, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison were filtering throughout those early years. Then while I was writing in New York I read Patti Smith’s book ‘Just Kids; a book filled with her past, a New York world of characters, poetry, art, and music. It was rich and deeply inspiring”.