Hildur Höglind explores the elusive nature of passion – ‘My Heart (Won’t Skip The Beat That It Should)’

New single here from Swedish alt-pop angel Hildur Höglind – ‘My Heart (Won’t Skip The Beat That It Should)’

Growing up in a family of musicians in the small village of Johannishus, Sweden, Höglind has gone from gigging in local clubs she was too young to be in, to playing some of the biggest festivals in Sweden. In her new single, her aching, melancholic vocals float over the top of a cavernous backdrop of thunderous bass synths as drum samples tremor and oscillate.

STREAM – https://soundcloud.com/hildur-h-glind/my-heart-wont-skip-the-beat

STREAM – https://open.spotify.com/track/0ozG6mvD1MFfGjNmwmWw3i?si=yirw7bPURi2YpJQPiZv2cA