The Stifftones Release ‘Midwestern Town’

The Stifftones delves into a classic Americana on the soulful “Midwestern Town”. With a poetic sense of storytelling, the whole of the piece feels alive. Folk, country with a sense of pastoral beauty unfurls with such grace. A gritty intimate spirit ties it all together. Keeping things on a thoughtful graceful note, the piece at times taps into a yearning demeanor. By refusing to ever let anything go the song’s nostalgia and desire for something more drives it forward. The stripped-down approach further works to the song’s advantage, as it explores a similar vein to Bruce Springsteen’s thoughtful odes to those who want something more, something better. Vocals and guitar are all that the piece offers and all that the piece needs.

Setting the tone almost immediately the loose riffs run through the course of it all giving it a sense of reflection. By allowing the tale to unfurl slowly the track comes into focus with a painterly grace. Usage of dual vocals further adds to the desire for a sort of togetherness, one that defies all else. Without optimism this yearning explores a stuck quality, an inability to leave one’s origins. For while a person may leave in a physical sense, they always have it with them. Even when there is a desire to leave the home always resides in the mind.

Done with the greatest level of care and consideration, the Stifftones tap into a universal spirit on the powerful “Midwestern Town”.